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Theme tour 7: Explore extraordinary sites in Shenyang

Updated: Jun 17, 2019 Print
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Guide: Morning -- Visit Shenyang Guaipo (magic slope). Measuring more than 80 meters long and 25 m wide, Shenyang Guaipo allows vehicles, especially heavy ones, to easily coast up the slope but travel down the incline with much effort. Such a magical phenomenon has attracted explorers as well as scholars.

Shenyang Guaipo (magic slope) [Photo/]

Noon -- Savor authentic and organic Northeast Chinese cuisine at Northeastern Farm House.

Afternoon -- Go sightseeing around Shenyang Tanbo Art Farm (Dao Meng Kong Jian), a 2,000-hectare park integrating paddy field painting, fruit and vegetable picking, pastoral fishing, rafting, vacationing and popular science education. Based around the concept of natural ecology, it aims to create an ecological paddy field integrating primitive farming and livestock breeding with eye-popping art. It is currently the world’s largest paddy field painting base.

Picturesque tanbo art at Shenyang Tanbo Art Farm ( Dao Meng Kong Jian) [Photo/IC]

Evening -- Enjoy delicacies at Shenyang Tiandi, which has adopted a new commercial design model from Hong Kong. The atrium provides an indoor square featuring modern sculptures and fountains. Retail stores surround the atrium feature diverse commercial spaces devoted to bistros, gyms, bookstores, coffee shops and cinemas, with the whole space delivering a sense of tranquility and elegance.

Shenyang Tiandi [Photo/IC]

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