Xiamen's Zhongshan Road: a road to the sea

Updated: Jun 14, 2019 Print
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Xiamen's Zhongshan Road offers stunning night views. [Photo/VCG]

Possibly every city in China has a road called Zhongshan Road, in remembrance of Sun Yat-sen (or Sun Zhongshan in pinyin), the forerunner of the Chinese democratic revolution.

Xiamen in East China's Fujian province is no exception, and it is the only business street in China to connect with the sea.

Xiamen's Zhongshan Road, 1.2 kilometers in length, was built in 1925. It is an old street with modern and historical features, and is often referred to as "the living fossil of Xiamen's business".

"Most of the arcades on both sides of the road were built by overseas Chinese and they represent Xiamen's architectural culture," said an 82-year-old resident who lives nearby.

Various shops selling local snacks can be found around Xiamen's Zhongshan Road. [Photo/VCG]

For the people of Xiamen, Zhongshan Road is a symbol that cannot be replicated or replaced. The ancient street has witnessed the development and changes that have taken place in Xiamen over the past century.

According to a map published in 1908, some parts along the northern section of the road already existed. Many cultural relics can be found near the road, such as the former residence of Chen Huacheng (1776 - 1842), a patriotic general, and Xinjie Church, which was established in 1848 and was the first Christian Church open to the Chinese.

With its traditional architecture, stunning night views and various shops selling local snacks, the road is becoming a must-go destination for tourists around the world.

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