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Tsinghua-Berkeley Shenzhen Institute

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Tsinghua-Berkeley Shenzhen Institute 

Tsinghua-Berkeley Shenzhen Institute (TBSI) was established by Tsinghua University and the University of California, Berkeley, under the support of the Shenzhen municipal government. It is committed to integrating resources from universities, governments and related enterprises to train global technology leaders and entrepreneurs to deliver high-quality talent for solving major engineering and scientific research issues. 

Geared toward global economic and social development and integrating the needs of Shenzhen's development, TBSI has established three interdisciplinary research centers with 18 laboratories around environmental science and new energy technologies, data science and information technology, precision medicine and public health. 

TBSI is mainly located in Shenzhen Nanshan I-park and the Graduate School at Shenzhen, Tsinghua University, and conducts research and teaching work at two campuses in Shenzhen and Berkeley University of California. TBSI has a world-class faculty team, one-third from Tsinghua University, one-third from the University of California, Berkeley, and one-third globally recruited top quality talents. 

In addition, TBSI also invites industry instructors, especially in strategic emerging industries, to carry out scientific research and industry-university-research cooperation and establish an international system of collaborative innovation. The TBSI Industry Advisory Committee (IAB) has been established with the involvement of well-known high-tech enterprises such as Tencent, DJI, BYD, ZTE and Cisco. 

TBSI recruits outstanding students worldwide, providing them with a superior research environment, and encouraging them to develop innovative thinking and creativity in an international environment of interdisciplinary research.

Address: C2&C3, Nanshan I-park, Xueyuan Ave, Nanshan district, Shenzhen, Guangdong province

Tel: +86 0755-3688 1626/3688 1628



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