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7. China (Hunan) International Rail Transit Industry Expo

The China (Hunan) International Rail Transit Industry Expo has been held every year in October or November in Central Hunan's Changsha since 2016. The expo is jointly sponsored by the China Railway Society, Hunan Industry and Information Technology Department, China Council for the Promotion of International Trade Hunan Sub-council and Changsha municipal government.

Over three years of development, the expo has grown into an international industry gala with the largest scale and most influence in China. The expo gives a boost to China's rail transit industry and will promote international communication and exchanges among rail transit enterprises at home and abroad.

The expo was named China's Top 10 Brand Exhibition Project in 2016 and 2017 by the China Convention/Exhibition/Event Society and has won many other honors at State-level.

Registration Tel: +86-13397310192; +86-13975158342

8. Internet Yuelu Summit

The Internet Yuelu Summit, which was initiated in 2014, has developed from a small forum into an influential internet industry gathering. The number of participants has increased from 300 at the beginning to 20,000 in 2018, while the number of internet professionals has grown from six to 283. Held in April each year, it is sponsored by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology of China and People's Government of Hunan.

Relying on the booming internet industry, Hunan has witnessed the rapid development of its internet-related fields. In 2018, 70 internet enterprises achieved operating revenue of more than 100 million yuan ($14.57 million) and Changsha is now home to 26,788 internet enterprises. More than 30 enterprises have set up their headquarters in Hunan, including Baidu, Tencent, JD, Huawei ZTE and 58 Group, bringing in a new growth pole for Hunan's high-tech industries, including e-commerce, new media and big data.

9. Changsha Yuelu Mountain Red Maple Festival

The Changsha Yuelu Mountain Red Maple Festival is held at the Yuelu Mountain Scenic Area every November. [Photo/IC]

With the aim of carrying forward the historic culture of the Yuelu Mountain Scenic Area, the Changsha Yuelu Mountain Red Maple Festival is held in Changsha every November.

The festival is called a characteristic autumn gala, integrating mountain climbing, appreciating chrysanthemum flowers and red maple leaves, and a photo exhibition. It advocates civilized tours and promotes the coordinated development of culture and tourism.

The festival usually lasts for two months, providing visitors with a platform to participate in the activity of Build a Beautiful Changsha.

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