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5. Manghao Festival

Wearing the “Manghao” mask and miscanthus on their body with hands and feet painted black, these youngsters dress up as the “Manghao” to deliver good wishes for the Spring Festival. [Photo by Tan Kaixing/]

Manghao, a god who can drive away evil and bring people happiness, is a figure from tales of the Miao people. The Manghao Festival is scheduled in Rongshui county, Liuzhou every year on the 17th day of the first lunar month. On this day, people get together to watch the “Manghao” show. The festival is a traditional custom of the Miao people in Liuzhou to welcome the lunar vernal equinox, meaning the spring plowing is about to begin, and brings wishes for a year of good weather for the corps and a bountiful harvest.

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