Belt and Road Cooperation: Shaping a Brighter Shared Future

Updated: Apr 28, 2019 China Daily Print
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Boosting Infrastructure Connectivity

16. To sustain interconnected growth, we support comprehensive and multi-modal infrastructure connectivity, fostering economic growth and improving the standards of living catalyzed by infrastructure investment. We support policies and activities that help land-locked countries to transform into land-linked ones, including by strengthening connectivity and cooperation on transit arrangements and infrastructure.

17. We will strive to build high-quality, reliable, resilient and sustainable infrastructure. We emphasize that high-quality infrastructure should be viable, affordable, accessible, inclusive and broadly beneficial over its entire life-cycle, contributing to sustainable development of participating countries and the industrialization of developing countries. We welcome developed countries and international investors to invest in connectivity projects in the developing countries. We emphasize the importance of economic, social, fiscal, financial and environmental sustainability of projects, while striking a good balance among economic growth, social progress and environmental protection.

18. In the interest of sustainability, we support improving cooperation in project preparation and implementation, to promote projects that are investable, bankable, economically viable and environment-friendly. We call on all market players in the Belt and Road cooperation to fulfill their corporate social responsibility and follow the principles of UN Global Compact.

19. We acknowledge that transport infrastructure constitutes a foundation of connectivity. We encourage the development of interoperability of infrastructure to enhance air, land and sea connectivity among countries, including through interoperable and multi-modal transport. We recognize the importance of development of trans-regional transport and logistic routes including the ones connecting Central Asia with Caucasus, Europe, Africa, South and Southeast Asia and the Pacific region to increase its transport and communication potential.

20. We support strengthening energy infrastructure, in order to enhance energy security and to promote global access to affordable, clean, renewable and sustainable energy for all.

21. We aim to enhance connectivity among financial markets, in accordance with respective national laws and regulations as well as international commitments, while bearing in mind the importance of financial inclusion.

Promoting Sustainable Development

22. To promote sustainable and low-carbon development, we appreciate the efforts to foster green development towards ecological sustainability. We encourage the development of green finance including the issuance of green bonds as well as development of green technology. We also encourage exchanges of good practices on ecological and environmental policies towards a high level of environmental protection.

23. Determined to protect the planet from degradation, we look forward to a climate resilient future and enhance our cooperation in areas such as environment protection, circular economy, clean energy and energy efficiency, sustainable and integrated water resources management including support to the countries adversely affected by climate change, in line with internationally agreed principles and obligations so as to achieve sustainable development in its three dimensions-economic, social and environmental-in a balanced and integrated manner. We support the implementation of the UN resolution on Midterm Comprehensive Review of the International Decade for Action, "Water for Sustainable Development", 2018-2028.

24. We encourage more cooperation in sustainable agriculture, forestry and protecting biological diversity. We agree to promote cooperation in resilience and disaster-risk reduction and management.

25. We support international anti-corruption cooperation and work towards zero tolerance in anti-corruption, consistent with national laws and regulations. We call for more international cooperation in line with our applicable respective obligations under international conventions, such as UN Convention against Corruption (UNCAC) and relevant bilateral treaties. We look forward to strengthening international cooperation and exchanges of good practices and practical cooperation.

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