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Hulunbuir in North China's Inner Mongolia autonomous region gets its name from the Hulun Lake and Buir Lake that are under its jurisdiction. The city is truly vast, covering an area of 253,000 square kilometers –– 21.4 percent of the autonomous region. It has a total population of 2.82 million people and the local municipal government sits in Hailaar district.

Located in the northeastern part of the autonomous region, Hulunbuir is adjacent to Heilongjiang province in the east and the neighbored of Hinggaan League to the south. The city borders Russia to its north and Mongolia to the west.


Hulunbuir Grassland is a national 5A-rated tourist attraction and boasts beautiful scenery. [Photo from WeChat account of nmgtour]

The diverse city is home to more than 40 ethnic groups with the majority being of Mongolian origin. The only three ethnic group autonomous banners in Inner Mongolia – the Oroqen, Ewenki and Daur banners are also located in the city. 


The desert poplar forest in Hulunbuir is one of the three remaining populus euphratica forest reserves in the world. The scenic area integrates an assortment of landscapes including desert, the Gobi, grassland, lakes and forests. [Photo from WeChat account of nmgtour]

Hulunbuir boasts stunning outdoor scenery for tourists, with its vast grasslands, lush forests, and crystal-clear lakes and rivers, as well as its rich local culture. 


Herdsmen ride camels [Photo from WeChat account of nmgtour]

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