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China Metallurgical Geology Bureau (CMGB)

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China Metallurgical Geology Bureau (CMGB) was established in 1952 as a geological exploration entity directly affiliated with the State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission of the State Council. It mainly specializes in geological exploration, research, development and service of solid mineral resources, production of superhard materials and manufacturing of machinery and equipment. The total asset of CMGB is 20 billion yuan ($3.13 billion).

It has eleven bureaus and institutes (academies and centers), six holding companies, including enterprises and public institutions which are distributed throughout seventeen provinces, autonomous regions and municipalities across China.

The business scopes and services of CMGB include the following principal aspects: providing guarantee for national metallurgical and geological management; the geological exploration, research and development of solid minerals; the superhard material production and equipment research and manufacturing; the development plan, rules and regulations for metallurgical and geological prospecting; the research of metallurgical and geological industry standards; the management of metallurgical and geological prospecting; the organization and implementation of relevant geological projects; the administration management of subordinate geological teams; the geological prospecting of vital mineral deposits abroad as well as relevant information and technology services.

Since the foundation of CMGB, it has identified and discovered massive mineral resources for national economic. CMGB discovered the Anben iron ore deposits, Jidong and Hanxing iron ore deposits, copper and gold ore deposits in East Hubei, iron ore deposits in central Shandong, gold ore deposits in Jiaodong, and many other large mineral deposits, hence making historic contributions to the emergence of China as a leading steelmaking country as well as the development of the industrial cities of Anshan, Baotou and Ma'anshan.

In recent years, CMGB has performed geological exploration work in fourteen key metallogenic regions and belts, and identified a series of important resource reserves; made breakthroughs in exploring substitute resources of several key near-exhausted mines; CMGB has successfully won many state-level trophies, including the “Advanced Management Enterprise Award”, national geological exploration honorable entity, Pioneer Entity in Geological Exploration Industry, Top 10 Geological Exploration Achievements (Technological Development), and the Award for Special Contributions to Explorations for Substitute Resource of Near-exhausted Mine.

Looking forward to the future, CMGB will take the responsibility of preserving national resources and promoting patriotic industry and it will establish the strategic goal of developing into a mining industry group based on the geological prospecting. Through competitive advantages and strenuous efforts, CMGB will make more contributions to alleviating the country’s resource constraints.


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