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China National Salt Industry Corporation (CNSIC)

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China National Salt Industry Corporation (CNSIC) was founded in 1950. CNSIC is one of the large state-owned enterprises with the supervision of the State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission of the State Council.

As the leading and the only state-owned enterprise of China salt industry, the largest salt industry enterprise in Asia and the second in the world, and the important domestic chemical enterprise, CNSIC bears two main tasks. The first one is to fulfill the responsibilities of the central enterprises and achieving the value of state-owned assets. The second one is to guarantee the supply of the qualified iodized salt.

By holding 46 sub-enterprises, CNSIC’s annual output of all kinds of salt reaches to 18 million tons, which occupies 17 percent of the total national output. The annual edible salt output of CNSIC is over 2.25 million tons, accounting for about 21.5 percent of the national total. CNSIC has already developed its own national production and marketing layout in the Northeast China, North China, East China, Central China and Northwest China. In addition to the core business of salt, CNSIC also extends to the salt chemical industry. It has formed the industrial distribution of inorganic chemicals, agricultural chemicals, fine chemicals and cosmetics. Some products is at the top of the world and the nation.

Social responsibility

China National Salt Industry Corporation has long been committed itself to promoting sustained, stable and healthy development of the salt industry. By serving the people and the nation, CNSIC guarantees the national salt supply and plays a key role in dealing with crisis. CNSIC has done a great job in carrying out salt monopolization policy, guaranteeing iodized salt supply and establishing standard edible salt production and marketing network. CNSIC’s work plays an important role in China’s achievement in IDD Elimination and was highly appraised by some international organizations, known as “the model of the world”, “milestones achievement” and awarded the United Nations “global children’s career contribution”.

CNSIC attaches great importance to the social responsibility and enterprise culture construction. It obtained “China children’s charity award - outstanding contribution award”, “China’s five-star brand”, and “national enterprise culture construction special contribution unit”. CNSIC has been among the best in food and beverage industry many times according to the corporate social responsibility report issued by the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences. CNSIC was awarded as “the capital civilization unit”, “the central state organs civilization units’ pacesetter”, “national advanced unit of civilization construction” and other honorary titles since 1994 and was commended as “the national model home of the employees” by All-China Federation of Trade Unions in 2010. The headquarters of CNSIC has remained the honorary titles as “the capital civilization units’ pacesetter” and “national civilized unit” since 2011.

CNSIC will be based on the following three main functions, namely, innovating industry value, serving people’s livelihood and fulfilling the will of the state in the future. To enhance the value of trade by the innovation of idea, development mode, technology, business models and products application. To establish long-term reliable trust relationship with customers in food safety by carrying forward the fine traditions and revealing the advantages of its brand. To improve its industrial influence by undertaking special social responsibilities and cooperating with the government.



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