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Sinochem Group

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Headquartered in Beijing, China, Sinochem Group was founded in 1950. Its predecessor was China National Chemicals Import and Export Corporation. Sinochem Group is a key State-owned enterprise under the supervision of the State-Owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission of the State Council of China (SASAC).

Sinochem Group is one of China's four State oil companies, China's leading chemical service provider, China's biggest agricultural input organization (fertilizer, seed and agrochemicals), as well as an integrated modern agricultural operator. It also exerts strong influence in the high-end real estate, hotel and non-banking financial service sectors. As a market-oriented global conglomerate, Sinochem's quality products and services are relevant to many aspects of the mass economy and people's well-being.

Sinochem Group has established five strategic business units, namely energy, chemicals, agriculture, real estate and finance. It operates more than 300 subsidiaries around the world, and holds a controlling stake in a number of listed companies, including Sinochem International (SH, 600500), Sinofert (HK, 00297) and China Jinmao (HK, 00817).

Sinochem was among the first group of Chinese enterprises to join the Fortune Global 500 list and has 27 appearances in total, ranking 143rd in 2017. It was also honored as one of the "World's Most Admired Companies" by Fortune for two consecutive years. Continuous efforts over the years in strategic transformation and management overhaul have enabled Sinochem to maintain a sustainable, healthy and rapid development. Sinochem has been rated A in corporate performance by SASAC for 12 years and 3 consecutive tenures.

Sinochem's vision is to become a respected transnational conglomerate. It will continue to uphold the philosophy of "Creating Value, Pursuing Excellence", and shoulder corporate social responsibility through dedication to innovative, harmonious and green development. It will redouble its efforts to develop a long-lasting business foundation, and remain committed to the creation of well-being for its stakeholders and the general public in a sustainable way.



Sinochem's Organic Chemical Project of "Manufacture of Fluorocyclopentane for Sustainable Society" Won the Second Prize of the National Award for Technological Invention.


Sinochem Group was rated as a Grade-A Enterprise in the performance assessment conducted by SASAC for 12 years.

Sinochem Group has entered the Fortune Global 500 for the 27th time, ranking 143rd.

Since 2010, the brand "Sinochem" has entered the "World's 500 Most Influential Brands" released by World Brand Lad for 8 consecutive years, ranking 332nd in 2017. Sinochem was also listed on "Asia's 500 Most Influential Brands", ranking 34th in 2017.

Since 2004, the brand "Sinochem" has ranked among the top 10 of "China's 500 Most Valuable Brands" selected by the World Brand Lab for 14 consecutive years and become one of China's top ten brands, ranking 7th with a brand value of 235 billion yuan in 2017.


Frank Ning, Chairman of the Board of Sinochem Group, was rated among "China's 50 Most Influential Leaders in Business" by Fortune China.


Liu Deshu, Chairman of the Board of Sinochem Group, was rated among "China's 50 Most Influential Leaders in Business" by Fortune China for 5 consecutive years.

Sinochem Group was rated as a Grade-A Enterprise for performance by SASAC for 11 consecutive years.


In the "World's Most Admired Companies" list unveiled by Fortune, Sinochem Group came first in "trading industry list" for 2 consecutive years, setting the best record for Chinese enterprises.


Sinochem Group was named a "Grade-A Enterprise" for performance in 2010-2012 by SASAC; the company has been rated as Grade-A for 3 consecutive two-year tenures.


Since 2002, the trademarks of "Sinochem", "Jinmao", and "Changshan" have successively been recognized as China Well-known Trademarks by the State Administration of Industry and Commerce.


In 2011, Sinochem was listed among China's third batch of "Innovative Pilot Enterprises".

In 2011, Sinochem Group was identified as one of the "2011 Excellent Social Responsibility Practice Award of Central Government-Owned Enterprises" by SASAC.


In 2010, Sinochem was identified as one of the "National Model Enterprises and Institutions for Intellectual Property" by the State Administration Intellectual Property Office.

In 2010, Sinochem was identified as one of the "National Model Units for Trademark Strategy Implementation" by the State Administration of Industry and Commerce.

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