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China Electronics Corporation (CEC)

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Founded in May 1989, China Electronics Corporation (CEC) owns 20 affiliated companies, including 14 self-controlled listed companies, with 130,000 employees.

Main business

CEC aims to build itself into a national team in network security and information industry, with core business and capability focusing on network security. Its main business covers network security, new-type displays, integrated circuits, high-tech electronics, information service, and other strategic, basic and cutting-edge fields of China's electronic information industry.


CEC is China's largest State-owned company engaging in comprehensive services in electronic information, and has been ranked among the Fortune Global 500 companies for seven consecutive years.

As one of China's first "innovative companies", CEC has set up a complete technological innovation system, as well as research institutions at three levels – national research institutions, group-level research institutes for specialized technologies, and enterprise technology centers. So far, CEC has seven state-recognized enterprise technology centers, eight national engineering research centers (engineering labs and engineering technology research centers), five national innovation demonstration enterprises, a national industrial design center, 12 postdoctoral centers, and 70 provincial and ministerial technology centers.

International cooperation

In 2016, CEC Panda and Belgian company Barco set up a venture to jointly develop, manufacture and sell the world's most advanced visualization products and better meet the market demand for LCD displays.

Going international:

A. TPV Technology, the world's largest manufacturer of computer monitors, is controlled by CEC and is nowexpanding abroad. It owns four overseas manufacturing bases and has formed global manufacturing and sales networks.

B. CEIEC has undertaken the construction of Sri Lanka'sColombo Lotus Tower Project, set to be the tallest TV tower in South Asia once completed. The project will boost the growth of the local tourism industry, and create many job opportunities.

C. The world's first cloud-based public security command system independently developed by CEIEChas been put into use in many South American countries. In particular, the ECU911 system played a key role in quake relief in Ecuador, winning positive feedback from all walks of life, and was thus praised by President Xi Jinping as a "calling card in high technology cooperation between China and Latin America".

D. CEIEC won the bid to build Brazil's new Comandante Ferraz Antarctic Station, and with the implementationof the project expanded its overseas business to seven continents. Upon completion, the project will be a new milestone of Chinese-Brazilian friendship.

At the end of 2016, CEC had business contacts with more than 160 countries and regions in seven continents, while its overseas assets reached 42.5 billion, accounting for 16.9 percent of its total assets, and overseas revenue hit 70.3 billion yuan, accounting for 35.4 percent, or more than one-third, of its total revenue.

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