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China Telecommunications Corporation (China Telecom)

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China Telecommunications Corporation (China Telecom) is one of the largest State-owned telecommunication companies in China. Currently, its total assets exceed 800 billion yuan ($125.7 billion), with annual revenue of more than 410 billion yuan. Ranking 133rd in the 2017 Fortune Global 500, China Telecom has been awarded as the Most Honored Company, the Best Managed Company in the Asia Telecom Sector, as well as the Best Managed Company in Asia by esteemed international institutions for consecutive years.

With the world’s largest broadband Internet network and a leading-edge mobile network, China Telecom is capable of providing cross-region, fully-integrated information services to global customers through its sound service channel system. Its comprehensive service capability has earned China Telecom a large client base. By 2017, the number of its broadband Internet subscribers exceeded 160 million and mobile subscribers exceeded 260 million.

China Telecom will strive to become a leading comprehensive intelligent information service provider and a powerhouse in the Internet and cyber realms in order to serve society and enhance people’s well-being.





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