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WTOIP is the world's leading entrepreneurial resource-sharing platform with a focus on intellectual property. It utilizes the new business model, IP+Internet+Sharing Economy, to optimize the performance of business clients.

WTOIP inspires businesses with innovative resources and matchmaking services by providing innovation exchange encompassing a global network of universities, research institutes, tech companies, and individual inventors. 

The company has established a broad range of partnerships across the globe, and built up the IP Business Ecosystem, a sustainable business social system that involves the entire innovative resources with IP placed at the core. 

By December 31, 2018, the total number of WTOIP members exceeded 4.9 million, ranking first in the industry. At present, has established 38 subsidiaries on the Chinese mainland. 

The company also has operation centers all over the world, such as Hong Kong, Singapore, Silicon Valley and Geneva. The company has also established partnerships with more than 300 technology transfer institutions and more than 500 universities and research institutes in 37 countries around the world.

WTOIP is committed to facilitating IP commercialization, industrialization, financialization and popularization, in order to generate profits and commercial value in the process of IP circulation and industrialization. 

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