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Dalian International Airport

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Dalian International Airport, located in Ganjingzi district, Dalian, is one of four major airports in Northeast China.

The airport opened on Oct 6, 1972 and was renovated in 1984, 1992, 1999, and 2005.

The airport covers an area of 3.45 million square meters and has a 3,300-m runway and 660,000-sq-m parking area. The terminal has a total area of 135,000 sq m.

The airport boasts 146 flights to 88 cities across China, as well as 13 countries and regions around the world. It offers 38 international flights. Destinations span across China, Asia, Europe, North America, and Australia.

Its passenger throughput in 2017 was 17.5 million, an increase of 14.7 percent year-on-year, while its cargo throughput was 166,000 tons, a 12.1 percent increase over 2016.

Terminal 3 (T3) was completed and began operating on Sept 6, 2011. It increased the airport’s annual passenger throughput to 16 million - 20 million.

(A)Guidance (maps)

a.Interior & exterior

Interior [Photo/]
Exterior [Photo/]

b.Service facilities

The first floor [Photo/]
The second floor [Photo/]

Tel: +86-411-96600

(B)Traffic information

a.Airport shuttle bus

1.Stations/route: Dalian International Airport (大连周水子国际机场) - Peace Square(和平广场)- Olympic Square(奥林匹克广场) - People’s Square(人民广场) - Hope Square(希望广场) - Victory Square(胜利广场) - Zhongshan Square(中山广场) - Renmin Road(人民路)
2.Opening hours: 7:45 am until the last flight
3.Ticket price: 10 yuan ($1.49) per person
4.Tel: +86-411-83886219

b.Public transport

1.No 9: 4:30-23:15 (Boya Middle School 博雅中学 - Nansong Rd 南松路); 5:05-23:50 (Nansong Rd - Boya Middle School)
2.No 532: 5:30-20:30 (Xinzhaizi Primary School 辛寨子小学 - Anyang Street 安阳街); 6:20-21:15 (Anyang Street - Xinzhaizi Primary School)
3.No 701: 5:15-21:00 (Lazishan 砬子山 - Zhongshan Square 中山广场); 6:00-22:00 (Zhongshan Square - Lazishan)
4.No 710: 5:20-21:00 (Lanhua Community 兰花小区 - Jiesheng Street 捷胜街); 6:00-22:30 (Jiesheng Street - Lanhua Community)
5.No 717: 5:30-20:00 (Xinxing Greentown 新星绿城 - Taiyuan Street 太原街); 6:05-20:35 (Taiyuan Street - Xinxing Greentown)
6.Dalian Railway Station(大连火车站) - Xiajiahezi(夏家河子): 5:00-21:00 (origin station); 5:00-22:00 (terminus)
7.Metro line 2 : Xinzhaizi(夏家河子) - Haizhiyun(海之韵): 5:34-22:34; Haizhiyun-Xinzhaizi: 6:15-23:15
8.Taxi: It takes about 20 minutes to arrive at the downtown area of Dalian, with the fare of about 40 yuan ($5.96). And a taxi departing from the airport to Dalian Railway Station costs about 30 yuan.


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