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Luda Surgical Hospital (珠海陆达外科医院)

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Zhuhai Luda Surgical Hospital []

Zhuhai Luda Surgical Hospital was founded in 2009, and is part of the Zhuhai Luda medical group which privately owns another two hospitals specializing in cosmetic and plastic surgery, and tumor treatment. Luda Surgical Hospital is a three-level hospital specialized in biomedical and related minimally invasive surgery. 

The hospital has invested heavily in research and development of biological cells and biomedical technology to treat major illnesses, difficult diseases and tumors. It is a biomedical clinical hospital in the Pearl River Delta region.

The hospital focuses on the ability of stem cells to differentiate between different tissues under various induction conditions, which are widely used in many diseases. At present, the method has treated more than 1,000 cases of various types of refractory diseases with great achievements. The five-year survival rate of cancer patients has increased by 22% compared with other methods.

The hospital has many expert teams in biotechnology research and development and application, and works closely with bioengineering research institutions at home and abroad. It has established scientific research cooperation with many famous domestic and overseas universities, such as Shenzhen Beike Cell Engineering Research Institute, Sino-US Kangshi Biotechnology Company, Peking University, and Zhongshan Medical University. 

Address: 1088 East Yuehai Rd, Gongbei district, Zhuhai, Guangdong province

Tel: 86-075-60086600

Office hours: 8:30 am-5:30 pm


Website: (English)

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