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Cheerday Beer is located on the shore of Qiandao Lake, a national 5A scenic spot, in Hangzhou. Founded in 1985, Cheerday Beer has grown from a small brewery with an annual production capacity of only 5,000 tons to a large industrial group with a beer production scale of 300,000 liters.

It owns seven subsidiaries in various areas: Cheerday Beer Town, Cheerday Beer Holiday Resort, Cheerday Beer Travel Agency, Lohuo Brand Management, Qianfeng Real Estate, Qianfeng Investment and Xiushui Trade.
In 1985, in order to solve the employment issue for immigrants in Xin'an Reservoir, the Chun'an county government established Cheerday Brewery based on water sourced from Qiandao Lake. In 1998, it was transformed into Hangzhou Cheerday Beer Co Ltd. Its pioneering product 7° Cheerday light beer won the China Food Expo Gold Award and was awarded as a National Quality Product.

The company has more than 1,000 employees and over 5,000 retailers. Centering on Zhejiang, Shanghai and Suzhou, the business layout covers many provinces and cities in China. Its products are exported to more than 10 countries and regions, including Singapore, South Korea and France.

Cheerday ranks among the top 10 most-renowned domestic beer brands in China and receives praise from both experts and consumers.

It is committed to building a beer culture industrial chain that integrates beer production with industrial tourism. In 2013, Cheerday Beer Holiday Hotel was built along the Cheerday Expressway, with 116 guest rooms equipped with high-end facilities.

In 2016, Cheerday Beer Town was also constructed next to the Cheerday Brewery as an entertainment and food city themed on beer culture. With an investment of 700 million yuan ($104 million), the town is equipped with a beer hot spring spa, a beer-themed dining bar and a European beer garden. In 2017, Cheerday Beer Town was officially opened for business.

Business scope: beer production, catering services, tourism services, real estate, export trade.

Address: 659 Muzhou Ave, Hangzhou

Contact person: Shao Zhenfang

Tel: 86-15068176261


Fax: 86-0571-24812345


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