Shenzhen Tagen Group

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Shenzhen Tagen Group

Shenzhen Tagen Group is a listed company of the Shenzhen State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission. As of the end of 2017, its registered capital was 1.198 billion yuan ($178.34 million), its total assets were 25.8 billion yuan, and its net assets totalled 6.5 billion yuan. In 2017, its operating income was 6.7 billion yuan and the total profit was 839 million yuan.

Tagen Group is mainly engaged in urban construction, comprehensive development, and urban services. It has built itself into a comprehensive urban operator integrating construction, development, operation, and service. The group is committed to providing solutions to major infrastructure construction, people's livelihood projects, and public services. 

The group owns many well-known enterprises, including Shenzhen Municipal Engineering Corporation, Shenzhen Tagen Real Estate Co, Shenzhen Tagen Property Management Co, and Shenzhen Yuetong Construction Engineering Co. The group mainly focuses on three businesses: urban construction, integrated development, and urban service.

Urban construction:

The core enterprise Shenzhen Municipal Engineering Company has 24 construction qualifications involving municipalities, highways, bridges, housing construction, mechanical and electrical installation, rail transportation, water conservation, and hydropower. The main products are municipal engineering, construction engineering, rail transit engineering, road maintenance, and more.

The company attaches great importance to scientific and technological innovation, as well as technology reserve work, cooperating with universities and research institutes to establish a number of technological innovation carriers such as enterprise technology centers, postdoctoral workstations, asphalt research institutes, sponge cities, and underground space technology research institutes, which provide technical support for the company's various business developments.

Integrated development:

The core enterprise Tagen Real Estate Co has the first-class qualification for real estate development. It has developed and operated a large number of high-quality real estate projects, and has won more than 60 municipal, provincial, national, and international honors.

Its project and land reserve are of high quality, with a focus on seven cities including Shenzhen, Guangzhou, Shanghai, Nanning, Changsha, Suzhou, and Huizhou. Its products cover medium and high-end residential, affordable housing, office buildings, hotels, urban complexes, industrial parks, and more.

Urban service:

The core enterprise Tagen Real Estate Co is engaged in the business planning and operation services of office buildings, long-term rental apartments, industrial parks, community complexes, and hotels. It has six industrial parks with a total construction area of 427,800 square meters. Tagen Property Company is a national property management enterprise with first-class qualification, possessing a property management area of more than 20 million square meters. Tagen Shed Reform Company specializes in the overall planning, negotiation signing, housing demolition, investment and financing, construction management, and resettlement services involved in the transformation of shanty towns. Yuetong Construction Engineering Co, formerly known as Shenzhen Highway Bureau Highway Engineering Corps, is mainly engaged in road, bridge, and tunnel maintenance services.

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