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Ningbo ZRCC Lyondell Chemical Co Ltd is a Sino-foreign joint venture invested by Sinopec and Lyondell Chemicals Co Ltd. It was established in Hong Kong as Lyondell's first project in China, on January 26, 2007, with a registered capital of 1.48 billion yuan ($220 million). 



Ningbo ZRCC Lyondell Chemical has built a 4.44-billion-yuan project that can generate annual production of 285,000 tons of propylene oxide and 620,000 tons of styrene. The project is considered the largest production equipment project jointly invested in by Sinopec, as well as one of the largest propylene oxide and styrene production units in the world. With abundant resources of ethylene raw material and comprehensive public engineering supporting facilities, the project introduced the technology of producing propylene oxide and styrene from Lyondell and achieved a sales income of 10 billion yuan in 2013. 

Since its establishment, the company has attached great importance to the cause of environmental protection. To achieve the overall goal of “no harm to health, no accidents nor damage to the environment”, the company defines safety, health and environmental protection as top priorities during its production and operation activities. 

To optimize the operation of devices and minimize the occurrence of abnormal emission events, the company draws on experiences from peer companies in Europe and the United States and introduces advanced control systems, POSM devices and technologies. Online data of exhaust gas discharge are strictly monitored.



On May 16, 2012, the company was rated as a Green Enterprise by Zhenhai district and became an environmentally friendly demonstration enterprise in the National Ecological Civilization Demonstration Zone in Zhenhai. 

The company's goal is to become a model for petrochemical companies with advanced technology, first-class management and advantageous international competitiveness. It is also committed to providing employees with systematic skills training, generous salaries and promising futures. 

Lyondell Chemical Company, a global leader in the manufacturing of chemicals and polymers, has offices across Asia, including in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou and Hong Kong. 

Business Scope: Investment, construction and operation of epoxy propane/styrene and phenylethane devices; producing, selling, storing and transporting products through joint ventures; home and overseas purchasing of operational devices and technologies, materials, accessories, equipment and components for joint ventures.

Investor: Lyondell China Holding Co Ltd 

Address: Zhenhai district, Ningbo 

Tel: +86-010-6499-9143

Postcode: 315200

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