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Zhoushan Green Petrochemical Base

Plans for the base involve three stages -- short term, middle term and long term. The short-term stage is between 2015 and 2020. In this stage, 16 square kilometers of land will be developed and a project integrating oil refining, ethylene and arenes will be carried out to create a production base of petrochemical materials.

In the middle stage, 10 sq km of land will be developed. A second large-scale refining-chemical integration project will be promoted as will fine chemical projects for arene and for other midstream and downstream sectors.

By 2025, the production capacity of oil refining is expected to reach 40 million tons per year. In the long-term stage, the petrochemical base is expected to be world-level, large-scale, comprehensive and modernized.

Zhoushan Qiandao CBD

Zhoushan Qiandao Central Business District adjoins Zhoushan’s downtown, two kilometers away from Zhoushan Municipal People’s Government. The project is based on an untapped island with a total area of 5.38 sq km. The overall planned construction area will reach 4 million square meters. The project’s estimated investment totals 50 billion yuan ($7.43 billion). Situated at the core area in the city’s development blueprint, the district bears various high-end functions, including an offshore financial business district, the core CBD of the China (Zhejiang) Pilot Free Trade Zone and the Zhoushan river-sea inter-modal transport service center

Zhoushan Aviation Industrial Park

Zhoushan Aviation Industrial Park covers a planned area of 788 hectares, featuring “one park and two zones”. Two zones refer to an aircraft manufacturing zone and a separate component manufacturing zone. The former is located at the northwestern side of Zhujiajian Island and the component manufacturing zone is located at the Economic and Technological Development Zone in the northern part of Zhoushan Main Island. Zhoushan Aviation Industrial Park emphasizes the introduction of aeronautical manufacturing and related industries, air base operation services and related scientific and research institutions. The Boeing 737 Completion and Delivery Center in the park delivered its first plane at the end of 2018, and is expected to deliver approximately 100 airplanes each year.

A Boeing 737 MAX passenger airplane is towed to Boeing's 737 Completion and Delivery Center in Zhoushan. [Photo/Xinhua]

Zhoushan High-tech Industrial Park

Zhoushan High-tech Industrial Park is a province-level economic development zone as well as a province-level high-tech entrepreneurship park. It covers a land area of 27 sq km and a sea area of 25 sq km. The park pays a lot of attention to the development of industries such as high-end port equipment manufacturing, green petrochemical equipment, high-end marine equipment manufacturing, aeronautic equipment and auto parts manufacturing, marine electronic information and new maritime resources and materials.

Zhoushan Port Free Trade Zone (Main Island Subzone, Qushan Subzone and Airport Subzone)

The Main Island Subzone at the western area of the first phase of the development zone covers a planned subarea of 2.83 sq km. It attaches great importance to several specialized markets, such as imported commodities, imported aquatic products and cool chains, international shipping and package units, metal trading markets, imported grain and oil, bulk raw materials, artworks and imported timber.

The Qushan Subzone, located at Shulanghu Island of Qushan Port area, covers an area of 3.02 sq km. The zone focuses on the development of specialized markets in oils, chemicals and minerals.

The Airport Subzone, approved by State Council of China in Sep 2017, is active in bonded production of trunk airliners, regional aircraft and utility aircraft and highlights bonded logistics of aerospace parts. It also provides bonded service functions such as aerospace inspection, maintenance, training, R&D, finance and leasing and bonded goods display.


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