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Two Rivers and Four Lakes (5A)

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As one of Guilin's calling cards, the Two Rivers and Four Lakes project, covering approximately 6.15 million square meters, connects the city's Taohua and Lijiang Rivers in the east to four inland lakes - Ronghu and Shanhu Lakes in the south, Guihu Lake in the east and Mulonghu Lake in the north.   

The water tour of Guilin started from the Tang Dynasty (618-907) and flourished in Song Dynasty (960-1279). At which time, the city had an advanced water system of lakes and ponds where one could make a full view of Guilin's scenic spots by taking a boat.

Elephant Trunk Hill, one of the prestigious hills of the Two Rivers and Four Lakes project [Photo/VCG]

Today, the Two Rivers and Four Lakes project, China's first demonstration area for all-region tourism, is a miracle and reflection of the past, forming a water system around the city. Taking a tour along the two rivers and four lakes is a must for visitors from home and abroad. 

Guilin is renowned for its karst landform and natural scene of water and mountains, serving as a basic element of its city landscape. As a typical tourism route in downtown Guilin, the Two Rivers and Four Lakes project offers tourists visual feast of more than 10 prestigious hills such as the Elephant Trunk Hill, Fubo Hill, Folded Brocade Hill, Seven Star Mountain and Yaoshan Mountain.

The journey also contains famed scenic spots including the Sun and Moon pagodas at Shanhu Lake, Hongqiao Dam, Zhuzi Archway and Single Foot Pavilion. Visitors could also see the three main landscape areas—the Chinese Classical Garden in Ronghu and Shanhu Lakes, the ecological park of Guihu Lake and the cultural and historical park in Song Dynasty in Mulonghu Lake. There are four expo parks on the world's famous bridges, renowned flowers and trees, pavilions and sculptures.   

In June 2002, the waterway of Guilin's Two Rivers and Four Lakes tourism zone opened to the public. The Guilin Two Rivers and Four Lakes Tourism Ltd was founded in 2010 to manage the zone, as a subsidiary of the Guilin Tourism Corp Ltd.

To date, the company has formed a variety of sightseeing routes including a night tour along the two rivers and four lakes, an ecological tour of fish hawk, "a river and a park" and "two parks and four lakes". Based on the different needs of the customers, the company offers personalized services by providing boats for weddings, business meetings and private gatherings, which have gained good social and economic benefits.

Two Rivers and Four Lakes tourism zone has won many awards such as "A Demonstration Zone for Good Living Environment in China", "A national 5A-level tourism zone", "Top 10 Tourism Zone in Guangxi", "A Landmark Brand Tourism Zone", "A Trusty Tourism Enterprise" and "5U Award for Leisure and Holiday in China".

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