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I. Support the Development of Bio-pharmaceutical Industry

1. Land plots for bio-pharmaceutical industrial parks shall be preferentially involved in the annual land use plan, guaranteed for land use index and gone through land use procedures. Enterprises outside the parks shall be encouraged to reside in the bio-pharmaceutical industrial parks, the new bio-pharmaceutical enterprises residing in the parks may be awarded 1 million yuan at the maximum amount after going into production.

2. Strengthen the support to research and development agencies in enterprises. A bio-pharmaceutical enterprise, which has been newly awarded as enterprise technical center or engineering technical center at State and provincial level and undertaken corresponding technical innovation projects, shall be provided with one-time supports with the amount of no more than 2 million yuan and 1 million yuan. A municipal enterprise technical center or engineering technical center that complies with the conditions shall be provided with a one-time subsidy with the amount of no more than 500,000 yuan.

3. Strengthen the support to the technical innovation and research and development in the field of medical instruments. Three types of medical instrument products, which firstly acquired registration certificates of medical instrument in 2012 and later and were industrialized with the total sales amount of over 3 million yuan within three years, shall be provided a one-time subsidy amount of 500,000 yuan. The subsidy funds shall be implemented by the municipal government and the district (functional area) government where enterprises pay duties with a respective proportion of 50 percent.

4. Encourage and support the medical instrument products developed by local enterprises for promotion, demonstration and application. For the new large-scale medical instrument products firstly developed by local enterprises for local medical institutions whose contract amount reaches 1 million yuan for one, the subsidy for one shall be no more than 10 percent of unit price and the amount shall not exceed 500,000 yuan. The annual subsidy fund for each medical institution shall not exceed 1 million yuan.

II. Accelerate the Development of Advanced Equipment Manufacturing

1. Launch the recognition for advanced equipment manufacturing enterprises and projects. Thirty key enterprises and projects shall be selected dynamically to give centralized resource support based on the cultivation program for large-scale backbone enterprises. For particularly significant projects, they may be intensively supported according to "one discussion for one case" and "one policy for one enterprise".

2. Strengthen the investment attraction and accuracy and innovate the methods of investment attraction through "chain supply" thoughts to further improve the industrial chain and supporting industries. For the introduced advanced equipment manufacturing enterprises, they may be affirmed as headquarters enterprises and enjoy relevant preferential policies of Implementing Opinions on Encouraging the Development of Headquarters Economy in Zhuhai.

3. Encourage advanced equipment manufacturing enterprises to develop and strengthen themselves. For the advanced equipment manufacturing enterprises whose tax payment amount firstly break 300 million yuan, 200 million yuan, 100 million yuan and 50 million yuan, the business teams of enterprises shall be respectively awarded 3 million yuan, 2 million yuan, 1 million yuan and 500,000 yuan. 

4. Support advanced equipment manufacturing enterprises to increase capital contribution and expand production. An enterprise which needs to report new constructed buildings, it shall be free from land price for its parts whose plot ratio is over 1.0 in accordance with provisions and the construction density may exceed the limit of 35 percent with the approval of planning department. For enterprises increasing capital contribution and expanding production that has new economic contribution to the region, they shall be provided with a certain proportion of awards by the financial departments in which the enterprises are located. If the newly-added investment amount of a project with capital increase and production expansion exceeds 20 million yuan, it shall be preferentially involved into the municipal cooperative platform of "policy, banking and enterprise" to help enterprises to acquire loans from financial agencies.

5. Encourage advanced equipment manufacturing enterprises to strengthen technical transformation, particularly support the transformation items such as mechanical person exchange and equipment updating. For a municipal technical transformation project whose equipment investment exceeds 10 million yuan, it shall, as a demonstration project, be provided another proportion of subsidy on the basis of current municipal subsidy policies for technical transformation of equipment, with the highest amount of up to 3 million yuan. 

6. Strengthen the support to research and development. Implement the policies of extra pre-tax deduction of research and development expenses for enterprises, on the basis of which a certain proportion of subsidy shall be provided for the research and development expenses for enterprises. Encourage enterprises to establish enterprise technical centers or engineering technical research center at State and provincial level and provide one-time supports with the amount of no more than 2 million yuan and 1 million yuan for enterprises undertaking State and provincial technical innovation projects. 

7. Strengthen the awarding for the first (suit of) significant technical equipment. Motivate enterprises to research, produce and promote the first (suit of) significant technical equipment, key components and basic products with independent intellectual properties. For an enterprise that is affirmed as the first one to produce the first (suit of) significant technical equipment, they shall be provided with a subsidy of 3 million yuan to 5 million yuan for research and development and recommended for special support from relevant State and provincial departments. 

8. Support advanced equipment manufacturing to broaden financing channels. For the medium and small-sized scientific enterprise loan projects involved into Zhuhai's "four-in-one" financing platform, each may enjoy a preferential discount of no more than RMB500,000. For loan projects of advanced equipment manufacturing enterprises, make use of governmental risk reserves to conduct risk compensation for lending banks, small-sum loan companies and guarantee institutions, the compensation amount may be increased to 15 percent of loan quota, but no more than 2 million yuan.

III. Accelerate the Development of High-end Manufacturing

1. Encourage backbone enterprises to increase capital contribution and expand production. The new direct economic contribution of an enterprise increasing capital contribution and expanding production shall be awarded by the financial department in which enterprises are located. The awarding amount shall be verified based on the 30 percent of the newly-added part of annual direct economic contribution of the enterprise compared with that of last year. 

2. Guide enterprises to expand scales. For a private enterprise whose business income amount firstly exceeds RMB1 billion, it shall be awarded 50 percent of the newly-added direct economic contribution of the enterprise to the region in current year. For a high-end manufacturing enterprise whose business income amount firstly exceeds 5 billion yuan or 10 billion yuan, it may be one-time awarded according to "one policy for one enterprise" and "one discussion for one case". 

3. Support the integration of industrialization and informatization. For a manufacturing enterprise which purchases informationized application products in compliance with conditions, it may be one-time subsidized up to 20 percent of the purchasing price.

4. Support the technical transformation of enterprises. The municipal financial department provides subsidies for the purchase of production equipment, experiments of research and development and testing devices for high-end manufacturing enterprises, the subsidy amount for each project may reach up to 1 million yuan.

5. Create the technical innovation platforms. A public technical innovation platform launching statutory qualification testing or technical services shall, based on its service quantity launched last year, be provided with a subsidy amount of up to 500,000 yuan through the combination of funding and subsidies. The public platforms newly introduced into branch institutions of State key laboratories and established by municipal financial funds may be supported for the conditional construction in full amount in advance, such as the purchase and maintenance of instruments for testing, research and development and large-scale tool software. If Joint enterprises majoring in research and development launch research and development of scientific projects, they may be subsidized in advance, the funding amount for each project shall not exceed 500,000 yuan, and the total annual funding amount for each public platform may be up to 1.5 million yuan.

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