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A visa-free transit policy was introduced in Qingdao, East China's Shandong province, on Jan 1, 2019.

Under the policy, foreign visitors from 53 countries including the United States, Canada and all members of the European Union, who arrive at Qingdao through the city's airports or ports and have valid international travel documents and tickets to a third country, are allowed to travel around Shandong without a visa and stay for up to 144 hours (six days).

The information below provides a suggested itinerary for a six-day trip in the province.

Day 1: must-see sights in Qingdao

Known as "China's sailing capital and beer city", Qingdao is a regional hub for transport, trade and finance that also boasts a proud history. It has 131 excellent historic buildings, accounting for about 44 percent of the province's total, and 123 national A-level scenic spots, including May Fourth Square, Qingdao Olympic Sailing Center, Qingdao Trestle and Qingdao Beer Museum.

In the morning, you can visit Qingdao Olympic Sailing Center, a perfect place for you to learn something about Qingdao's sailing games and culture.

The center, located by Fushan Bay, covers about 45 hectares, with an overall investment of 3.28 billion yuan ($475.4 million). It was awarded the designation National Coastal Tourism and Leisure Demonstration Area – the only coastal tourism designation – by the National Tourism Administration in 2009.

An Olympic sailing museum was also opened here in August 2008, featuring objects from and pictures of Olympic sailing games and culture.

Qingdao Olympic Sailing Center [Photo/]

Facing the Olympic sailing center across the sea, May Fourth Square, one of the city's landmarks, is about a 600-meter walk from the sailing center. The square got its name from the patriotic May Fourth Movement in 1919, a turning point in contemporary Chinese history.

The 10-hectare square is composed of northern and southern parts. The northern part is where the offices of the Qingdao Municipal Government are located, while the southern part, close to Fushan Bay, is a coastal park, where the nation's first fountain with a 100-meter high spray was built.

The red sculpture, with a height of 30 meters and a diameter of 27 meters, is located at May Fourth Square, celebrating the patriotism of the May Fourth Movement in 1919. [Photo/IC]

In the afternoon, you can take a bus to Qingdao Trestle. Qingdao Trestle, another city landmark, was originally built in 1892 as a naval pier. It is 440 meters long and 8 meters wide, and is decorated with lotus lamps. Huilan Pavilion, at the southern end of the bridge, offers an excellent view of the sea, and Zhanqiao Park, at the northern, is renowned for its excellent beach.

Huilan Pavilion at the southern end of Qingdao Trestle [Photo/IC]

Qingdao Beer Museum is a must-see sight in the city. Established in August 2003, the museum was the first professional beer museum in China, covering over 6,000 square meters.

The museum is located at the "birthplace of Tsingtao beer" where for more than a century the time-honored Tsingtao Brewery has produced its quality beverage for domestic and international markets. It has been a multimedia tourist attraction comprising beer tasting, brewing archives and a state-of-the-art display area that gives visitors a rare insight into the origins and long history of Tsingtao beer.

Qingdao Beer Museum [Photo/]

With nightfall comes a chance to enjoy the city's nightlife. Filled with exotic charm and flashing neon, Beer Street (or Dengzhou Road) is one of the most popular nightspots in Qingdao. Located close to the Qingdao Beer Museum, the street is where you'll find authentic Tsingtao beer and various delicious seafood dishes.

Beer Street in Qingdao [Photo/]

After enjoying your tour in Qingdao, you can take a train to Weihai. It takes about two hours from Qingdao North Railway Station to Weihai Railway Station or Weihai North Railway Station.

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Last Updated: Feb 19, 2019

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