Xinwu District: Efficient approval process stimulates more enterprises

Updated: Feb 18, 2019 Print
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Xinwu district in Wuxi city recently succeeded in creating more efficient administrative examination and approval procedures by carrying out reforms in administrative permission, online examination and approvals, and a simplified process of examination and approval.

Reforms were carried out to concentrate the administrative licensing powers. The power to release permissions for 54 items involving market access and construction investment was transferred to the district’s bureau of administrative examination and approval. The original 11 seals from seven departments were simplified to one seal from one department. The model “one-stop acceptance” helped cut down processing time from seven workdays to three, greatly improving administrative permission efficiency and creating a better business environment.

Thanks to the online examination and approval system, enterprise investment projects can go through preliminary review and receive permission results without going to the acceptance windows in person. By the end of 2018, 564 items had been handled online in a much more convenient way for enterprises.

To provide efficient and qualified services, the bureau of administrative examination and approval of Xinwu district strictly limited the time for examination and approval. The project of Murata’s second factory in Wuxi, for example, was granted a construction permit within 20 workdays after it completed the procedures for archival filing, a much more efficient outcome than the national standard of 120 workdays and the provincial requirement of 50 workdays, allowing enterprises to go into full operation sooner.

Officials from the district explained that the necessary procedures to start up new enterprises could be completed in three workdays, as could obtaining the required certificate for immovable property; similarly a general construction and production permit could be granted within 33 workdays.

The efficient administrative examination and approval procedure helped the district create a better business environment and stimulated more enterprises to settle down in Xinwu. In 2018, the district had 6,015 new corporate enterprises, ranking first in Wuxi.

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