Stirred dough (搅团/Jiaotuan)

Updated: Feb 14, 2019 Print
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Jiaotuan, or stirred dough, is a dish typical to rural areas of Northwestern China. It is made of flour and looks like white jade, and it becomes transparent and glossy when fully stirred. The delicacy is seasoned with spicy red oil, vinegar, coriander and shallot, and it pleases the eyes, nose and palate of the eaters.

Though the process is not complicated, the technique of making Jiaotuan is difficult. There is a saying: 360 stirs make a good jiaotuan.

The cook must concentrate their attention on evenly scattering flour in boiling water while stirring it in the same direction until it becomes pasty without any lumps. Then it should be placed on a plate or a bowl and left to cool.

There are many recipes for Jiaotuan. People can make soup with it. They can also stew, fry or make a cold dish with it. The most common recipe is to add some sour soup and red chili oil on the hot jiaotuan, after which they can be mixed together and enjoyed.

Besides cooking soup, the soft juantuan can also be used to make cold dish. Place it on a board and wait until it is set after cooling. Cut it into strips and add what you like to make it please your palate.

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