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Yunnan is a province of 394,000 square kilometers in Southwest China. It borders Guizhou Province and the Guangxi Autonomous Region in the east, Sichuan Province and Chongqing Municipality in the north, and the Tibetan Autonomous Region in the northwest.

Yunnan is the hub and gateway to Southeast Asia and South Asia. It shares a 4,060km border with Myanmar in the west and southwest, and Laos and Vietnam in the south.

The province is in the tropical and subtropical monsoon weather zone with high altitude, which endows it with an even temperature all year long, and a dry and a rainy season. Its capital Kunming is called the spring city.



Yunnan reported a GDP of 1653.13 billion yuan ($240.72 billion) in 2017, up 9.5 percent year on year and 2.6 percent higher than the national level. Primary industry saw an added value of 231.07 billion yuan, up 6 percent. Secondary and tertiary industry totaled 638.75 billion yuan and 783.31 billion yuan, up 10.7 percent and 9.5 percent respectively. The per capita GDP reached 34,545 yuan, a year-on-year increase of 8.8 percent. The primary, secondary and tertiary industries respectively contributed 14 percent, 38.6 percent and 47.4 percent to Yunnan’s economic growth.

In 2017, Yunnan approved 215 foreign invested projects, a year-on-year growth of 60.45 percent. Contractual capital amounted to $5.16 billion, up 94.5 percent, and its paid-in capital reached $963 million.

Pillar Industries

While promoting traditional sectors, Yunnan is leveraging its ambition to develop eight key industries.

Biomedicine and health industry

In 2017, the revenue in the biomedicine and health industry totaled 240 billion yuan, with the bio medicine industry reaching 100 billion yuan. Revenue is expected to hit 380 billion yuan in 2020, with a year-on-year growth rate of 20 percent. The province will prioritize the research and development of new medicine and build a health industry system that integrates services in health keeping, elder care, regimen, medical treatment and recreation.

Tourism and culture industry

Tourism revenue amounted to 450 billion yuan in 2017 and is projected to reach 900 billion yuan in 2020. Yunnan will make great efforts to develop high-end tourism services and promote transformation from sightseeing-only to integrated products featuring sightseeing, recreation and specialized routes.

Information Industry

Revenue in the information industry registered 85 billion yuan in 2017 and Yunnan expects to see revenue of 160 billion yuan in 2020 with a year-on-year growth rate of 20 percent. The province will efficiently press ahead with the sector including information technology, electronic information product manufacturing and information services. To build new business models, it will also drive growth in “Internet Plus”, e-commerce, digital creativity and regional information services.

Modern Logistics Industry

Revenue in the modern logistics industry stood at 140 billion yuan in 2017 and the target in 2020 is 200 billion yuan. Based on the city’s functions, industrial layout and the transportation network that integrates railways, expressway, aviation and ports, Yunnan will establish logistic bases, centers and demonstration zones.

Modern agriculture industry

Revenue in farming, forestry, animal husbandry and fisheries reported 240 billion yuan in 2017 and the figure in 2020 is expected to exceed 300 billion yuan. Yunnan plans to build plateau-featured modern agriculture brands and demonstration areas including agriculture demonstration zones, agriculture science parks and green economy demonstration zones. New business models, such as e-commerce trade of agricultural products, leisure agriculture and rural tourism will also be cultivated.

New material industry

The revenue in the new material industry was 110 billion yuan in 2017 and an estimate for 2020 is 170 billion yuan. Yunnan aims to propel industrial clusters, including rare and precious metal processing and electronic component processing. Innovative platforms, such as labs and research centers, will also play a bigger role to improve the innovation capacity.

Advanced equipment manufacturing industry

The advanced equipment manufacturing industry saw revenue of 100 billion yuan in 2017 and expects gains of 170 billion yuan in 2020. The province is accelerating the automobile industrial chain and intelligent equipment including robots and 3D printers. It also gives a great deal of attention to the growth of the featured electromechanical product industry targeting South Asian and Southeast Asian markets.

Food and consumer goods manufacturing industry

The revenue in the food and consumer goods manufacturing industry added up to 200 billion yuan in 2017. The revenue target in 2020 is 300 billion yuan, and the estimated figures in the food industry and consumer goods manufacturing industry are 200 billion yuan and 100 billion yuan respectively. Yunnan is gearing up ten-billion-yuan-scaled featured food industries like tea, Chinese wine, coffee and sugar, and upgrading the export-oriented consumer goods manufacturing industries, including household appliances, textile and garment and plastic products.


Yunnan has witnessed a steady and rapid economic growth. With advantages in geographical location, infrastructure system, natural resources, living environment and strategic opportunities, Yunnan has broad development space and great development potential.

Firstly, Yunnan enjoys a superior location. As the geographic center of Asia, Yunnan has unique regional advantages. It leads to the coastal areas by connecting Guizhou and Guangxi in the east, reaches the Central Plains via Sichuan and Chongqing in the north, heads down south to Thailand and Cambodia through Vietnam and Laos, and interconnects with India and Pakistan by bordering Myanmar in the west.

Secondly, it has good infrastructure. By accelerating the construction of "Five Networks" -- road network, aviation network, energy network, water network and the Internet -- Yunnan aims to establish a comprehensive infrastructure system that can effectively support its development and better serve national strategies. 

Thirdly, Yunnan boasts abundant natural resources. It is one of the richest provinces in China in terms of resources, ranking sixth. There are substantial reserves of such mineral resources as tin, copper, lead-zinc and phosphate. The proved reserve of coal is 24 billion tons, ranking ninth nationally. There are six famous river systems running through the province, blessing Yunnan with very abundant hydropower resources. It is also endowed with rich new energy, including wind power, solar power, geothermal energy and biomass energy. 

Fourthly, Yunnan has fine environmental conditions. Boasting picturesque scenery, fresh air and a pleasant climate, the province is a famous healthcare, living and summer destination. Known as the “Kingdom of Plants”, “Home of Spices”, “Natural Garden” and “Treasury-house of Medical Herbs”, it also possesses the largest variety of natural reserves in China.

Fifthly, Yunnan faces great strategic opportunities. Yunnan will actively seize the strategic opportunities under the “Belt and Road Initiative” and the development of the Yangtze River Economic Zone to quicken construction of the economic and trade center facing South Asia and Southeast Asia. It will also comprehensively improve economic and trade supporting services, and better its functions as a regional business and trade center, logistics center, international aviation hub, international communication hub, e-commerce and convention center by 2020.

Responsible Departments

1. Department of Commerce of Yunnan Province


Tel: 0871-3185012

Fax: 0871-3149574

Address: No 175 Beijing Road, Kunming, Yunnan

2. Yunnan Investment Promotion Information Network


Tel: 0871-67195654  67195610


3. Kunming Investment Promotion Bureau


Tel: 0871-63173323

Address: 5th Floor, Building 3, Municipal Administrative Center, Jinxiu Avenue, Chenggong District, Kunming, Yunnan

4. Yunnan Dianzhong New Area


Tel: 0871-67336472

Fax: 0871-67336472


Address: No 1 Yunshui Road, Airport Economic Zone, Kunming, Yunnan

Postcode: 650212

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