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Guizhou province, also called "Qian" or "Gui", is located in Southwest China. It administrates six county-level cities, three autonomous regions, 88 counties (or cities, districts and special zones) and covers a land area of 176,000 square kilometers. 

The mountainous areas and hills account for 92.5 percent of the province's total land area. There are 109,000 sq km of karst landscape, accounting for 61.9 percent of the total land area in the province. 

The province belongs to the subtropical monsoon climate, which in most regions is mild and wet. Average hours of sunshine total between 1,200 and 1,600 with an annual temperature of 14 to 18 C. 

Guizhou is a province with abundant resources, including water, coal and minerals. All resources in the province are easily exploited.



Being the transportation junction between southern and central China, Guizhou is the only province with highways connecting each county in the area. In the era of high-speed transportation and the beginning of the era of data, ecological civilization, and mass tourism, Guizhou province continues to improve its quality of development. 

In the first half of 2018, Guizhou's GDP exceeded 663.29 billion yuan ($97.08 billion), a year-on-year increase of 10 percent. Its total revenue was 172.63 billion yuan, and its tax revenue reached 147.35 billion yuan. Guizhou's GDP growth rate ranked first in China and has remained in the top three for 30 consecutive quarters since 2011.

Pillar Industries 

Guizhou is developing steadily in primary, secondary and tertiary industries. It is strong in metal processing, chemical engineering, tobacco and food, equipment manufacturing, modern logistics, and modern pharmaceuticals, among others. 

Phosphorus-coal-based chemicals 

The city of Guiyang is one of China's three largest phosphate ore bases, with phosphate ore reserves of 428 million tons, 70 percent of the country's total. The ore reserves in Kaiyang county alone amount to 390 million tons, a third of the nation's high-grade ore. The high-grade phosphorus pentoxide ore accounts for 78 percent of China's total. 

The phosphorus-coal-based chemical industry is focused on improving output and efficiency, combining its phosphorus, coal, water, and electricity advantages, and building an ecologically sound chemical industrial system for fine phosphorus chemicals, coal chemicals, phosphorus compound fertilizer, synthetic ammonia, chlorina alkali chemicals and new building materials.

Aluminum and aluminum processing 

Guizhou province has proven reserves totaling 424 million tons of bauxite resources, or 16.9 percent of the national's total. The bauxite reserves in Guiyang amount to 365 million tons, or 82 percent of China's total. In addition, approximately 67 percent of the alumina-silica ratio of Guiyang's bauxite is above 8, much higher than the national average of 5.56. Now, after 50 years of development, the city has formed a comprehensive industrial system, with alumina, electrolytic aluminum, high purity aluminum, and refined aluminum as its major products. 

The aluminum and aluminum processing industry in Guiyang has gained a certain amount of strength and status in China, with advanced manufacturing equipment and techniques. Its aluminum products are rated as the most well-known products in Guizhou and are certified as exempt products.

Tobacco and food industry 

In the tobacco industry, Guiyang's Cigarette Factory, a subsidiary of the China Tobacco Guizhou Industrial Co, is a leading provincial enterprise. It became a core part of the China Tobacco Guizhou Industrial Co after several reforms in September 2005. Guiyang has 47 food companies, covering poultry, chili peppers, corn, soybeans, rapeseed, peanuts, ginger, onions, and garlic, and 10 product categories, with hundreds of types of food.

Modern pharmaceuticals 

Guizhou province is known for its herbal resources and has turned its pharmaceutical sector into a pillar industry over the past decade. It now has 74 pharmaceutical companies and an industrial structure that covers a diverse range of biological products, Chinese patent medicines, pharmaceutical chemicals, medical consumables, and Chinese medicinal decoctions. It has the XiuwenZhazuo Pharmaceutical Industry and Wudang Pharmaceutical Industry parks, with an output value of more than 100 million yuan each, and 22 pharmaceutical companies, including Yibai Pharmaceutical, Tongjitang Pharmaceutical, Jianxing Pharmaceutical, Jianxing Pharmaceutical, and Xintian Pharmaceutical. Yibai, Tongjitang and Shenqi now bear the "China Famous Trademark" title. 

Guiyang wants to push construction of traditional Chinese medicinal herb bases with standardized management in seed selection, planting, picking, and processing to produce medicinal herbs that meet national standards. These bases can encourage institutes to increase processing and development to improve the added value of the herbs and drive the pharmaceutical enterprises of Guiyang.


Guizhou is an important channel to the sea and a land transportation hub in Southwest China. The 2023 kilometers of expressway construction and 2066 kilometers of railway construction increase the total length of transportation infrastructure to 14 thousand kilometers. It has five railway lines, connecting Sichuan to Guizhou, Hunan to Guizhou, Guiyang to Kunming, Guizhou to Guangxi, and Nanning to Kunming. There are regional airports in Guiyang, Tongren, Xingyi, Anshun, Liping and Libo. The three branch-line airports in Zunyi, Bijie and Liupanshui are stepping up construction. 

Over the years, the provincial government has vigorously implemented the talent-reinforcing-province strategy and accelerated talent squad construction through a series of talent cultivation measures. The amount of talent is always increasing. There are no less than 1.98 million talented professional throughout the entire province. The gross talent resources cover 8.59 percent of the professional population. 

Guizhou also has government bodies devoted to investors. These institutions include the Guizhou Provincial Investment Promotion Bureau, Guizhou Provincial Service Center for External Investment and the Guizhou Provincial Complaint Center for External Investment. There are one-building institutions in nine prefectures, cities and national-level or provincial-level development zones where investors can enjoy highly-efficient and convenient services. 

The investment environment in the province should be monitored and publicized in due time. An evaluation index system for the provincial investment environment has been set up that will supervise and assess the investment environment in different prefectures and development zones. The results will be publicized in the media for investor reference and provide scientific evidence to constantly improve the investment climate.

Responsible Departments

1. Guizhou Provincial Department of Commerce


Tel: 0851-88555508

Fax: 0851-88665170

Address: No 48 Middle Yan'an Road, Guiyang, Guizhou

2. Guizhou Investment Promotion Agency (Invest Guizhou)


Tel: 0851-86817073


Address: No 242 Zhonghua North Road, Yunyan district, Guiyang, Guizhou

Postcode: 550004

3. Guiyang Investment Promotion Bureau (Invest in Guiyang)


Tel: +86-0851-87989365  +86-0851-87989354

Fax: 0851-7989365

Postcode: 550081

4. Zunyi Investment Promotion Agency (Invest Zunyi)


Tel: 0851-28230541

Address: Room 553, Building 3, Jiantou Builing, Fuqian Road, Xinpu New Area, Zunyi, Guizhou

5. Liupanshui Investment Promotion Bureau


Tel: 0858-8236031

Fax: 0858-8236031


6. Gui'an New Area

Guian New Area is a state-level new area approved by the State Council on Jan 6, 2014. Located between Guiyang and Anshun, Guizhou province, its planned area is 1,795 sq km. Guian New Area plays a strategic role of building an economic growth pole in western China, an inland highland of open economy, and a demonstration area of ecological civilization. In 2015, it was listed in the second group of national new urbanization comprehensive pilot areas, and in 2016 was among the first regional demonstration bases designated by the State Council.


Tel: 0851-88900055, 88900088


Address: No 99 Baima Avenue, Gui'an New Area, Guizhou

Postcode: 550029

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