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There are four metro lines being operated in Xi'an, with a few more under construction: Metro Line 1 phase two and Line 13 (Airport Line). By the year 2021, eight metro lines will be built with a traffic mileage of 243 kilometers (150 miles).
Line 1: Houweizhai - Fangzhicheng, including major stops at the North Street and Kangfu Road.
Line 2: Beikezhan (North Railway Station) - Huizhanzhongxin (Conference & Exhibition Center), including major stops at the Bell Tower in the city center and Xiaozhai commercial area.
Line 3: Yuhuazhai - Baoshuiqu, passing scenic spots like Giant Wild Goose Pagoda and Qinglong Temple.
Line 4: North Railway Station - Hangtian Xincheng, covering several attractions in the city, such as Giant Wild Goose Pagoda, and the Tang Paradise.
Ticket Fare and Types:
1. Single Journey Ticket: 2 yuan for the first 6 km; 3 yuan for 6-10km; 4 yuan for 10-14 km, 5 yuan for 14-20 km and 6 yuan for 20-26km. For distances beyond 26 km, extra 1 yuan is charged for every 8km.
2. 10 percent discount could be enjoyed for passengers with Public Transportation Card. Besides, passengers can also purchase metro tickets by using Xi'an Metro APP and Alipay.
3. Flat-rate Metro Pass: The pass with the value of 50 yuan only charges 38 yuan and the one with the value of 100 yuan charges 68 yuan. Since the first use, it is valid for a year.
4. Xi'an Metro Pass: One-day Pass is sold at 15 yuan and Three-day Pass at 40 yuan, allowing passengers to take all the city's metro lines without limit in 24 hours and 72 hours after the first use.

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