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Xi'an has a very convenient commuter system in the urban area. At present, there are about 8,800 buses running on about 350 lines in the city.
Operating Time: Usually, they start operating at 6:00 or 6:30 and run until 19:30 to 23:00 all the year round.
During some national holidays such as the Spring Festival and the National Day, the operating times of some frequently ridden buses may be longer.
Ticket Fare: Most buses in the urban area of the city are self-service, so remember to bring some small change prior to boarding. Usually, the air-conditioned ones charge 2 yuan per person, and the others charge 1 yuan per person.
Apart from these, the buses with conductors are charged by distance. Generally, the mini-buses, all of which have conductors, charge 0.5 yuan for the first four stops and then 0.5 yuan for every additional four stops. Other buses with conductors charge 1 yuan for the first several stops and 2 yuan for the whole journey. Please remember that for a child under 130cm (4 feet) the tickets are free.
For people who will stay in the city for a certain duration, a Xi'an Public Transportation Card, which can provide a 50 percent discount on the self-service buses, will provide more convenience.

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