Xi’an Bell and Drum Tower Commercial Center

Updated: Feb 12, 2019 Print
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Xi’an Bell and Drum Commercial Center, located in the city center, is the most popular and largest commercial center in Xi’an. There are more than a dozen top grade malls, big supermarkets, amusement centers, cultural plazas and famous restaurants. It consists of four main streets:
The East Street, the most famous shopping street in Xi’an, has various shopping malls such as the KaiyYuan Shopping Mall, Minsheng Department Store and Friendship Store. In addition, Luomashi (lit. market of mule and horse) Pedestrian Street, with two large underground markets packed with all kinds of stores, is also in the East Street and offers lower prices.
The South Street is a great shopping street filled with top grade malls with world famous brands.
The West Street is the only street featuring Tang Dynasty architecture, which makes it a famous landscape in Xi’an. Many famous century-old shops including Demaogong Crystal Cakes and Defachang Dumpling Banquet plus large-scale department stores including Yintai and Parkson stand along the West Street.
The North Street, which is not as prosperous as the other streets, is mainly devoted to telecommunication and finance businesses, electric equipment and entertainment.
Also, the Hui Muslim Scenic Lane and the Academy Gate (Shuyuan men) near the Bell and Drum Commercial Center are great places for local snacks and souvenirs.

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