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Excellent foreign students who meet the academic requirements and are employed by relevant units in the Free Trade Zone or the Full Creation and Reform Pilot Zone may apply for work permits after graduation.

Graduates from foreign universities and colleges include foreign students who have obtained master’s degree or above and have graduated from universities and colleges in China in the past one year or less, and foreign graduates who have obtained master’s degree or above and have graduated from renowned universities and colleges abroad in the past one year or less.


Graduates from foreign universities and colleges should meet the following requirements for employment in China:

At least 18 years of age and in good health;

No criminal record;

Excellent academic performance, with an average score of no less than 80 points (hundred-mark system in grading test papers, other grades will be converted into 100 points) or more than B +/B (grade system), with no record of inappropriate behavior in school;

Obtain relevant academic qualifications and degrees;

He or she has a definite employing unit, and the unit operates normally and carries out activities according to law within the administrative area of this municipality. Their jobs are consistent with their majors. In principle, their salary should not be lower than the average wage of workers in this municipality;

Hold a valid passport or other international travel document in lieu of a passport;

Other conditions prescribed by laws and regulations.

Approval Procedures

The service windows of Xi’an Municipal Bureau of Foreign Experts or each authorized development zone shall be examined and approved according to the regulations.

Foreign graduates who meet the requirements shall be notified of work permits. After obtaining the notification of work permits for foreigners, they shall apply for Z-shaped visas at Chinese embassies (consulates) abroad and apply for work permits for foreigners after entering China. Work permits for foreigners shall be issued to qualified foreign postdoctoral candidates directly within the territory of China.

At Present

Xi’an foreigners work permit business in China has achieved online declaration, online processing, online audit “at most one run” work mode. Xi’an has provided professional, humane, and convenient service for foreign talents. The next step is to strive to achieve the “zero run” goal (you don’t have to apply on the spot, as the entire procedure can be completed online).

Abolishment of the age limit for foreign talents

To abolish the age limit of 60 for foreigners to work in China, the employing unit shall issue a health guarantee when submitting the application.

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