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What works are protected by China's Copyright Law?

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The term "works" includes works of literature, art, natural science, social science, engineering technology and the like which are expressed in the following forms:

(1) written works;

(2) oral works;

(3) musical, dramatic, quyi', choreographic and acrobatic works;

(4) works of fine art and architecture;

(5) photographic works;

(6) cinematographic works and works created by virtue of an analogous method of film production;

(7) drawings of engineering designs, and product designs; maps, sketches and other graphic works and model works;

(8) computer software;

(9) other works as provided for in laws and administrative regulations.

According to the law, works whose publication or distribution is prohibited by law shall not be protected.

Copyright owners should not violate the Constitution or laws or prejudice the public interests when exercising their copyright.

The law does not be applicable to:

(l) laws; regulations; resolutions, decisions and orders of State organs; other documents of a legislative, administrative or judicial nature; and their official translations;

(2) news on current affairs; 

(3) calendars, numerical tables and forms of general use, and formulas.

Regulations for the protection of copyright in expressions of folklore shall be established separately by the State Council.

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