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GS Park

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GS Park 

GS Park is located in the core area of Longhua New District, Shenzhen. It is a fourth generation scientific park created by Runyang Group Co. GS Park covers a total area of 185,000 square meters with a planning constructing area of 700,000 sq m. With a total investment of 25 billion yuan ($3.65 billion), the park is divided into three parts: the technology and innovation area, the talent apartment, and the corporate headquarters, consisting of facilities such as a science and technology R&D center, enterprise headquarters, conference center, a professional college, etc.

A place with huge development potential, GS Park is positioning itself as an ideal place for startups. It is also a model base of green ecology and energy efficiency, boasting  23,000 sq m of wetland and more than 3,000 trees. A rain recycling system has been implemented in the construction, and the roof will incorporate solar panels through a photovoltaic system. There are 22 smart and cloud integration templates, including the public information, remote control, and safety monitoring system. Additionally, the idc center, three dimensional intelligent control system, and 800-square meter outdoor interactive display system are also set in the park. 

GS Park now has completed its first phase with about 170,000 sq m to accommodate 11 office buildings with garden-style installation. The park is already houses well-known enterprises such as Alibaba, Tencent, Dowse, etc. It also has one city-level new materials engineering center and 12 professional laboratories, including a laser laboratory, a medical device laboratory, a digital map application laboratory, a digital micro ecological laboratory, a liquid chip laboratory, a new energy technology laboratory, a food safety test laboratory, and a microbiological test laboratory, an integrated circuit laboratory, an optical communication chip laboratory, a micro and Nano 3D printing laboratory, and a cancer detection biological laboratory.


In the future, according to the programming and governmental policies, GS Park will mainly promote the major fields in smart manufacturing, biological medicine, big data, food security, and hardware innovation.

Address: No 85 Hudipai Village, Longhua District, Shenzhen

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