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Night view of Hohhot, Inner Mongolia autonomous region [Photo/VCG]

The People’s Government of Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region recently issued a document on creating a stable, fair and convenient business environment in line with global standards and under the rule of law. The document was a response to the requirements of furthering the reform and innovation of management systems and institutions by the Communist Party of China (CPC) and the State council, in a bid to promote high-quality development in the region. 

Target: With a focus on government streamlining and increasing service capacities by fully using online platforms, the region aims to create a competitive business environment comparable to China’s economically developed areas in the next three years.

The business environment is evaluated based on the standards in the Doing Business report issued by the World Bank.

Major Missions

1. Facilitate registration process for new enterprises

Fully implementing the separation between business licenses and permits, in a bid to substantially reduce institutional transaction costs for enterprises and bring the market’s vitality into full play (For more information about the measure, please refer to

Shortening registration time to less than three days through establishing a digital unified library of business licenses 

Loosening the procedures in engraving official seals . Official seals are the seals used by organizations, enterprises and institutions in China. Since no regulations or rules have been issued by the Ministry of Public Security, the procedures for engraving official seals vary in different cities and provinces. 

Shortening first-time invoice approval time to one day for newly established firms

2. Simplify procedures for construction permits

According to Chinese law , firms or organizations shall apply for a construction permit to the construction administrative department of the government at or above the county level before the project starts.

Detailed measures have been issued to halve approval time. For instance, the online approval and supervision platform will be taken full advantage of and a multitask mechanism will be promoted, ensuring that the procedures of evaluation, approval and feedback will be conducted at the same time.

3. Get factors of production easily

Making it easy for firms to get access to the factors of production of water, electricity and gas supply through all-for-one approval on online platforms

4. Cut red tape in real estate registration

   All-for-one registration; 

   Shortening the processing time within eight workdays; 

   Providing logistics service for registration certificates

5. Obtain credit easily

Foreign-invested banks, national joint-stock commercial banks and Chinese or overseas insurance institutions are encouraged to set up branches in the region.

Non-bank financial institutions are promoted in the region.

Non-financial firms are supported in financing through issuing short-term bonds or other financial tools.

Specialized service organizations or institutions are encouraged to build for micro and small businesses, and scientific and technological firms.

6. Optimize tax processing services

Lessening the period of tax payment and refund;

Improving tax processing services through using online platforms;

Establishing a diversified tax processing service channel and promoting self-service tax processing;

Deepening rights protection for taxpayers through carrying out satisfaction surveys and responding to taxpayers’ requirements in time

7. Improve cross-border trade and investment facilitation

Relaxing access restrictions for foreign investment and pushing the development of multinational firms in the region; 

Encouraging innovation-driven research and development of foreign-invested firms based in the region;

All-for-one registration service for foreign trade operators;

Putting forward preferential measures for introducing foreign talents and streamlining entry and exit procedures for them 

8. Cut operation costs

Through reforms to decrease and standardize prices for general commercial electricity

Cutting taxes for enterprises;

Gradually abolishing fees for some government administrative services; 

Reducing the rate of industrial and commercial insurance and unemployment insurance;

Giving more rights to firms in fee fixing to stimulate market vitality 

Aiming at the eight parts mentioned above, the regional government will pay much attention to improving business environment. In addition, a series of activities will be carried out to promote and explain new policies about business environment. 


A large scale of wind turbines operate on the grasslands in the region [Photo/VCG]

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