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The Aviation Industrial Park in Zhoushan. [Photo/]

Bolstered by its unique geological position, Zhoushan in recent years has attracted several major international aviation companies such as AP and AJW. As a national economic development district, the city edges out among other cities due to a series of national strategic preferential policies for the modern aviation industry.  

After the Boeing 737 completion and delivery center project settled in Zhoushan, a significant number of projects from home and abroad were also signed in the city at the Zhejiang (Zhoushan) Aviation Industry Development Conference in November 2018, including the FBO project of APA of the United States, Iridium aircraft interior parts manufacturing project in Jilin province, China and the AJW engine project of the United Kingdom, as well as the aviation fuel supply base of the China Aviation Oil Group. 

It has formed a complete aviation industry chain that covers aircraft fuel supply, maintenance, interior parts manufacturing, engine dismantling, import services and flight training.

Zhoushan city encourages local manufacturing enterprises to transform and upgrade to aircraft parts manufacturing enterprises, and to cooperate with foreign aircraft manufacturing and parts manufacturing enterprises. 

The management committee of the Aviation Industrial Park of Zhoushan is planning to build an investment platform on the Internet and Wechat. It utilized the opportunity of the International Island Tourism Conference to maximize the advertising effects and industrial agglomeration effects of the local Boeing project and attract more investments. 

A comprehensive aviation industry chain is under construction in Zhoushan. [Photo/VCG]

The park is gathering momentum for the construction of a comprehensive aviation industry chain. By 2025, more than 600 aircraft of various types are expected to be assembled, delivered and modified. It plans to generate an annual output value of more than 70 billion yuan ($10.15 billion).


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