Aquatic Product Deep-processing

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Aquatic product processing industry is a pillar industry in Zhoushan. [Photo/]

The development of the marine biology and seafood deep-processing industry in Zhoushan has a long history. Since the country launched its reform and opening up policy, the local seafood deep-processing industry has experienced three stages of development: the industrialization phase, industrial chain development and block development. 

In 2011, Zhoushan's aquatic product processing industry realized an output value of 16.5 billion yuan ($2.39 billion), of which enterprises above designated size achieved an output value of 12.22 billion yuan, and realized revenue of 11.47 billion yuan, of which the total profit was 280 million yuan. 

Zhoushan city has built five industrial clusters: Shenjiamen Marine Biological Park, Puxi Industrial Park, Ganshilan Aquatic Product Processing Park, Daishan Gaoting Aquatic Processing Enterprise Cluster Area, and Shengsi Aquatic Processing Enterprise Cluster Area.

The future focus of Zhoushan aquaculture industry will be not only on the foreign markets, but also on the development of the domestic market, which will become the key to the development of many small and medium-sized enterprises in the city. 

The transformation of the industrial structure of the seafood deep-processing industry is under way in Zhoushan. [Photo/]

The city will make constant efforts to transform and upgrade the industrial structure of its seafood deep-processing industry, with focuses on 10 major areas: ocean fishing, raw material imports, production marine medicines and biological products production, finished product trading, domestic market, scientific research, talent, logistics and warehousing, information and finance.


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