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Shenxianju, Zhejiang province

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Shenxianju, Zhejiang province

(神仙居 shén xiān jū)

Shenxianju Scenic Spot is a popular tourist attraction in Zhejiang province. [Photo/]

Shenxianju Scenic Spot, located in Xianju county, Zhejiang province, is a popular tourist attraction which was given a 5A rating, China's top classification for scenic spots, in 2015. 

The name hails from a decree by the emperor Zhenzong of the Song Dynasty (960-1279), who renamed it after reading ancient China's luminary poet Li Bai's prose. The prose describes the area as a domicile of deities.

Well known for its mountain sights such as cliffs and waterfalls, Shenxianju Scenic Area has many waterfalls and deep pools.

The scenery and the heights leave visitors gasping for air. [Photo/]
Visitors are rewarded with stunning views of Shenxianju. [Photo/]

Scenic spot level: AAAAA

Ideal sightseeing season: June to August

Opening hours: 8 am-4 pm

Ticket price: 125 yuan ($18)

Address: Baita town, Xianju county, Taizhou city, Zhejiang province

Website: (Chinese) (English)

Visitors are advised to take water and food in their backpacks as they are not available in the mountains.

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