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Southern Hengshan Mountain, Hengyang

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Southern Hengshan Mountain, Hengyang

(衡阳市南岳衡山旅游区 héng yáng nán yuè héng shān lyǔ yóu qū)

Hengshan is named the Southern Mountain of the five sacred mountains. [Photo/]

Southern Hengshan Mountain, is located in Hengyang, a wonderful 2,000-year-old city in Hunan province, Central China. As one of the five sacred mountains in China, Mt Hengshan, different from Mt Hengshan in Shanxi Province, is also called Nan Yue (South Mountain). The mountain range runs 150 kilometers form Hengyang to Changsha, with a cluster of 72 peaks. The Huiyan Peak is located in the south end of the range, Yuelu Mountain in Changsha City forming the north end, with the highest point being Zhurong Peak, at 1,300.2 meters above sea level.

Nanyue Grand Temple

Located on Beijie Street in Nanyue Town, it covers an area of 120,000 square meters. Imitating the style of the Forbidden City in Beijing, it is divided into nine rows. The Temple has tall turrets facing the south. Clear brooks flow around the red walls. Eight Taoist temples are situated in the eastern part and eight Buddhist temples in the western part of the temple, showing the connection between the two religions. The elaborate building, well preserved structures and careful layout are hard to find in other ancient buildings in China.

Zhu Rong Peak

The peak is 1,300.2 meters high, the tallest in Nanyue district. It is named after Zhu Rong, a historical person. At the peak is the Zhu Rong Hall, the Nantianmen (South Gate Heaven) and the Wangyuetai (Platform to watch the moon). Nearby are the Xianren Bridge, the Luohan Cave, the Sheshen Rock and the Huixian Bridge.

Scenic Spot Level: AAAAA

Ideal Sightseeing Season: April to early November

Opening Hours: 7:00 -- 17:30 during the peak season (May 1 to Oct 31)

7:30 -- 17:30 during the low season (Nov 1 to April 30)

Ticket Price: 110 yuan ($15.84) for the mountain and 60 yuan for the Nanyue Grand Temple during the peak season

80 yuan for the mountain and 40 yuan for the Nanyue Grand Temple during the low season

Free Tickets:

① Children under 6 and children below 1.3 meters;

② Disabled persons and those aged 70 or above with a valid certificate;

③ Religious workers, including Buddhism and Taoism with a valid certificate.

Half Price:

① Minors aged from 6 to 18;

② Active servicemen, retired army officers, those aged 60 to 70 with a valid certificate;

③ Full-time university bachelor or junior degree students with a registered student ID card;

④ Teenagers from Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan with a valid certificate or a registered student ID card.

Scenic Spot Bus Fare: One-way ticket is 44 yuan and round-trip ticket is 78 yuan.

Address: Nanyue town, Nanyue district, Hengyang city, Hunan province

Website: (Chinese)

Online Booking:


1. Bus tickets are valid for sightseeing buses and cable cars, valid for two days.

2. Disabled persons, active servicemen, people living on minimum subsistence allowances, dependents of martyrs, children between 1.2 and 1.4 meters and primary and secondary students with a valid certificate can enjoy half price tickets on tour buses.

3. The best seasons to appreciate the sea of clouds are spring, autumn and winter after rain or snow.

4. Smoking is forbidden in the area to prevent fire.

5. Wear comfortable clothes when climbing the mountains.

The highest peak on Hengshan Mountain, Zhurong Feng, is 1,300.2 meters high. It's a good place to enjoy seeing the sunrise over a sea of clouds. [Photo/IC]
Picturesque Hengshan Mountain offers an escape from summer heat. [Photo/IC]

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