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Yueyang Tower, Yueyang

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Yueyang Tower, Yueyang

(岳阳楼—君山岛景区 yuè yáng lóu jūn shān dǎo jǐng qū)

An aerial photo taken on Nov 4, 2018 shows the imposing Yueyang Tower. The main tower bears a flying eave and helmet roof with unique wooden construction. [Photo/IC]

Hubei province's Huanghe Pavilion, Hunan's Yueyang Tower and Jiangxi's Tengwang Pavilion are the "Three Great Pavillions" of China. The Yueyang Tower is an ancient architectural treasure on the shores of Dongting Lake in Yueyang city, Hunan province.

The tower was first built around 220 during China's Three Kingdoms Period (220-280), when Lu Su, commander in chief of the forces of Wu, was sent to the area to fortify it and made it into a military training base for his fleet of ships. With a height of 19.42 meters, the tower is a three-layer building made of pure wood and its unique architectural structure vividly shows the delicate designs and skills of ancient workers.

Looking out from Yueyang Tower, renowned Song Dynasty (960 - 1279) writer Fan Zhongyan described the strategic position and spectacular view of Dongting Lake as "connecting the remote mountains and swallowing the Yangtze".

Standing on the tower, visitors can enjoy a panoramic view of Dongting Lake.

Scenic Spot Level: AAAAA

Ideal Sightseeing Season: April to early November

Opening Hours: 7:30 -- 18:00 (Oct 1 to April 30)

7:00 -- 18:30 (May 1 to Sept 30)

Ticket Price: 70 yuan ($10.1)

Free Tickets:

① Children under 6 and children below 1.3 meters;

②Disabled persons and those aged 70 or above with a valid certificate.

Half Price:

① Minors aged from 6 to 18;

② Active servicemen, retired army officers, those aged 60 to 70 with a valid certificate;

③ Full-time university bachelor or junior degree students with a registered student ID card;

④ Teenagers from Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan with a valid certificate or a registered student ID card.

Address: Yueyanglou district, Yueyang city, Hunan province


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1. Folklore performances are set on some holidays, including Spring Festival, Dragon Boat Festival and National Day.

2. Those enjoying discounted tickets can take sightseeing buses for half price.

The night scene at the Yueyang Tower is especially attractive. [Photo/IC]
The tower stands on the shores of Dongting Lake, China's second largest freshwater lake. [Photo/IC]

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