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Baotou Rare-Earth Hi-tech Zone in Baotou, North China's Inner Mongolia autonomous region [Photo/VCG]

The People's Government of Inner Mongolia autonomous region recently issued a series of reward measures with a focus on the development of six emerging industries, in a bid to promote the region’s high-quality development.

The six major emerging industries are new materials, biopharmaceuticals, electronic information, energy conservation, environmental protection and military-civilian integration. For more details for the six emerging industries, please refer to // .

A total of 30 reward measures were put forward in four categories: improvement in innovative capacity, expansion of effective industrial investment, support for growth of firms, integration of informatization and industrialization.


A resident experiences augmented reality (AR) glasses at a big data center in Yuquan district, Hohhot, the region’s capital, Aug 3. [Photo/VCG]

 2018年7月21日,网格状的沙柳在沙漠上,起到固沙的作用。据悉,库布齐沙漠是中国第七大沙漠,位于内蒙古西南的鄂尔多斯市,是离北京最近的沙漠,总面积约1.39万平方公里。经过30多年来几代治沙人的努力,库布齐沙漠近三分之一面积得到治理,生态资源逐步恢复,并逐渐形成沙漠旅游、食品的产业链。 刘文华(内蒙古分社)中新社视觉中国.jpg

Desert willows planted in the Kubuqi Desert in northern Ordos Plateau are transforming the desert into a paradise for the development of tourism. [Photo/VCG] 

In terms of the improvement in innovative capacity, financial support will be granted to all kinds of innovative platforms of firms, including technological, industrial and manufacturing platforms. Government subsidies will be granted to key projects introducing advanced technological achievements or state-of-the-art equipment, and clinical pilot projects for traditional Mongolian medicine or traditional Chinese medicine. Government rewards will be awarded to newly created or green products recognized by the central or regional government; and firms that launch generic consistency evaluation for drug safety.

To expand effective investment, rewards, subsidies and loan discounts will be enjoyed by manufacturing projects with investment to a designated amount. Rewards will also be granted to industrial parks with investment to a designated amount. Besides, specific funds have been founded to aid high-end and energy conservation projects. More funds for the region's industrial restructuring are being prepared. 

To support the growth of firms, rewards will go to Fortune 500 firms and China’s top 500 firms that are based in the region; firms that realize major revenues surpassing a designated amount for the first time; and other firms and industrial parks with high-quality performance recognized by the regional government. 

In the integration of informatization and industrialization, government rewards and subsidies will be granted to firms approved by the national standard system for the two parts’ integration; firms that have introduced industrial robots; and demonstration projects of smart manufacturing recognized by the national or regional government.

Other key elements mainly relate to government support in income tax reduction, flexibility in land transfers and preferential electricity prices. 

In addition, 301 key projects with investment of 258.5 billion yuan ($37.5 billion) were selected to finish in three years, which is expected to add output value of more than 150 billion yuan and realize tax revenue and profits of 14 billion yuan and 20 billion yuan. 

Other supporting policies and measures were also introduced with the support of scientific and technological departments and information and industrial departments in the region.


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