How to become a Red Cross volunteer

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Red Cross volunteer service is a non-profit activity involving all levels of Red Cross organizations and Red Cross volunteers. Red Cross volunteers provide humanitarian services to society and people. Volunteer service is one of the seven basic principles of the International Red Cross and Red Crescent Movement. It is an important way to practice the humanitarian concept: "No volunteer service, no Red Cross movement".

China Red Cross volunteer service involves emergency rescue, health care, humanitarian assistance, donation of hematopoietic stem cells, body donation, promotion of blood donation, promotion of AIDS prevention, promotion of the Red Cross spirit, fundraising and overseas services.

The China Red Cross Volunteer Service Management Measures state that:

Individuals who wish to become Red Cross volunteers should fill out the China Red Cross Volunteer Registration Form, register the relevant information, and record it at the local Red Cross. After being approved by the Red Cross Volunteer Service Working Committee (county level and above), applicants will receive a Red Cross Volunteer Certificate, China Red Cross Volunteer Service Card and apparel and become an official Red Cross volunteer. Red Cross volunteers who have accumulated 20 hours of volunteer service in a year should take the initiative to apply to become a registered Red Cross volunteer at the local Red Cross.

Individual volunteers can pay attention to the activities of the official website of the Red Cross at all levels, follow the dynamics of the Red Cross volunteer service teams at all levels, sign up for activities according to their own circumstances, or apply to join the Red Cross Volunteer Service Team to provide volunteer services for others.

Red Cross volunteers can apply to establish a Red Cross Volunteer Service Team at the local Red Cross in accordance with the provisions of the China Red Cross Volunteer Service Management Measures. After the application is approved, the team can apply for volunteer service to the local Red Cross, which will maintain their service record.

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