Restoring Family Links

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Every year, tens of thousands of people around the world lose contact with their loved ones due to war or disaster, which causes them extreme pain. For this reason, the Red Cross (Red Crescent Society) of each country and the International Red Cross have formed a working network called "Restoring Family Links" to help people regain contact with their loved ones. "Restoring Family Links" includes looking for family members and providing communication through the Red Cross, which is referred to as “looking for people and transferring letters” in China. For a long time, the Red Cross Society of China has provided this service to the public free of charge through its branches throughout the country, and has received support and recognition from the government and the public.

To apply for this service, the following conditions must be met:

1. Cause of separation

Family separation caused by war, turmoil, natural disasters and other disasters.

2. The relationship between the enquirer and the person being looked for

The enquirer and the person being looked for are immediate family members such as: parents, spouses, children, brothers and sisters, etc.

The enquirer and the person being looked for are non-immediate family members, but the person sought is dependent, adopted, or an illegitimate child of the enquirer, or the enquirer is the only person they can rely on for help.

3. Scope

Either the enquirer or the person being looked for must live abroad or in Taiwan, Hong Kong and Macao (except in cases arising from natural disasters in China).

4. Complete application
The enquirer must provide basic information about themselves and the person being looked for, including the name, age, final contact information and reasons for the separation (photographs of the person being looked for and any correspondence and relevant documents will increase the probability of success).

Neat handwriting

Cases not accepted:

a) Genealogy book

b) Commercial requests from law firms

c) Requirements related to litigation, divorce, custody and inheritance

d) Cases investigated by other agencies or organizations.

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