How to apply for humanitarian assistance

Updated: Dec 12, 2018 Print
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Humanitarian relief work is routinely carried out by the Red Cross Society of China for groups with difficulties. Focusing on people's life and health, with disadvantaged groups as the main target, the work includes medical, rehabilitation, pension and other social welfare undertakings in line with the purposes of the Red Cross.

It consists of the following categories:

1. Medical care for critical illnesses: Assistance to poor patients with serious diseases such as congenital heart disease and leukemia.

2. Psychological support: Humanitarian care and psychological counseling to vulnerable groups of people suffering from natural disasters, accidental injuries and critical illnesses.

3. Life assistance: Assistance to people living in poverty caused by natural disasters, accidental injuries and critical illnesses and financial assistance to students with difficulties.

4. Aid construction: Construction of housing and public facilities for economically underdeveloped areas and disaster-affected areas.

5. Livelihood assistance: Skills training and project support for planting, breeding and processing for disadvantaged groups in urban and rural areas.

6. Welfare: The establishment of non-profit entities to provide rehabilitation, pension and medical care services to vulnerable groups such as the elderly and disabled. Due to the wide range of humanitarian assistance projects applicants at all levels can apply through the Red Cross websites or make direct contact with local Red Cross offices.

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