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How to distinguish genuine from counterfeit currency

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How to distinguish genuine from counterfeit currency

Firstly, “check by eyes”

Check whether the watermark on the banknote is clear with a three-dimensional effect and a sense of layering, the picture on the banknote is clear and has the right color, the portrait is vivid, and the docking pattern is natural.

Secondly, “touch”

Touch the gravure on the surface of Renminbi, such as the word of “People's Bank of China” and braille, to check whether it has sense of concave-convex. And touch the banknote to check whether it has a uniform thickness.

Thirdly, “listen”

Renminbi are made from special paper which is crisp, folding resistant and not easy to tear. A crisp sound can be heard when shaking, flicking and pulling genuine banknotes.

Fourthly, “check by machine”

Some simple tools and special instruments can be used to distinguish real Renminbi. For example, clarity of printed lines, offset printing and micro wording can be seen more clearly by using a magnifier. Using an ultraviolet lamp to light up the banknote can help to observe the fluorescence reaction. Magnetic detectors can also be used to detect the magnetic imprinting of Renminbi.

What should residents do when detecting counterfeit money

If false money is mistakenly collected, it should not be used anymore and should be submitted to the bank or police.

Individuals should persuade others with a large amount of counterfeit money to call the police to submit the notes.

Individuals should collect evidence and call the police when seeing others making or using counterfeit money.

Where to identify the currency authenticity

According to “Administrative Measures for the Collection and Identification of Counterfeit Currency of the People's Bank of China”, operational agencies of the Industrial and Commercial Bank of China, Agricultural Bank of China, Bank of China and China Construction Bank which are authorized by the People's Bank of China can identify the authenticity of Renminbi. Those agencies should be prepared to show their letter of authorization to members of the public.

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