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Regulations on tax collection

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  • Updated: Dec 09, 2018

Registration information of foreign individuals

Foreign personnel shall receive the Personal Income Tax Registration Form (two copies) and the Monthly Declaration Form of Personal Income Tax (two copies) from the foreign individual registration window of the local tax bureau within three months from the first date of their first arrival in China, and then take the following certificates and documents to the window for foreign personal registration after completion:

(1) Personal Income Tax Registration Form and the Monthly Declaration Form of Personal Income Tax;

(2) The wage and salary certificates issued by the headquarters of the employer that indicate whether the taxpayer has any part-time job in or outside the country and the details about the income, with details about  when the income was obtained and the payer of the personal income tax.

(3) A certificate of appointment (copy) approved by the related ministries and commissions and the employment contract signed with the company (copy).

(4) Passport, the Mainland Travel Permit for Hong Kong and Macao Residents or the Mainland Travel Permit for Taiwan Residents (Full copy including the blank pages)

(5) Resident permit (Full copy).

Registration cancellation of foreign individuals

A foreign individual who leaves the office shall submit the registration cancellation with the following relevant materials to the local tax bureau’s branch office of the place of residence within thirty days from the date of tax payment:

(1) Employment separation certificate issued by the headquarter of the employer;

(2) Photocopy of tax payment book of the year of leaving post and the previous year;

(3) A full copy of the passport (including blank pages) of those foreign individuals who have a position overseas and pay tax on a daily basis;

(4) Copy of the passport or air ticket of those foreign individuals who pay tax on a daily basis in the month of leaving the position.

The tax authorities shall review the documents within 15 working days.

Personal income tax declaration

Foreign individuals shall declare their personal income tax of the previous month at the tax bureau’s branch that handles foreign affairs in the place of residence in the first seven days of the following month. If the last day of the first seven days is a legal holiday, the next day after the holiday will be the last day of the deadline; if there are more than three consecutive days of legal holiday during the period of time, the deadline is postponed according to the holiday days. The tax authorities will examine and review the materials within 15 working days.

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