Preferential policies for finance in Quzhou

Updated: Nov 30, 2018 Print
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1. For large enterprises issuing corporate bonds and medium-term bills and listed companies issuing corporate bonds, convertible bonds, directional issuance of additional shares and allotment of shares, the reward shall be given to the enterprises for raising one thousandth, up to a maximum of not more than 1 million yuan. 

2. If an enterprise makes an initial public offering of shares and 80 percent of its financing fund was used for local investment, it shall be rewarded. If the amount of financing is no more than 500 million yuan, 1 million yuan will be awarded; if the amount of financing exceeds 500 million yuan, another 50,000 yuan will be awarded for each additional 100 million yuan. For those enterprises that realize back-door listing or bundled listing, enterprises shall be rewarded a one-time subsidy worth one thousandth of their local investment, with a maximum of no more than 1 million yuan. 

3. If a listed company involved in refinancing and more than 80 percent of the refinancing fund was used locally, it shall be rewarded a subsidy worth one thousandth of the financing amount, with a maximum of no more than 1 million yuan.

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