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Daqing Museum

Address: 2 Wenyuan Street, High-tech Zone, Daqing, Heilongjiang province
Hours: 9:00 - 16:30 (no entry after 16:00)
Closed Tuesdays (except for national holidays)
General admission: Free (passport required for entry)


The Daqing Museum was China’s first comprehensive museum presenting the ancient environment, fauna, and human beings of the Quaternary Period in Northeast China. With a collection of cultural relics and more than 100,000 fossils of 43 species of ancient creatures, it draws a full picture of animal life of that period and that area.

Its collection of mammoth and woolly rhinoceros fossils is arguably the best, largest, and most comprehensive in China and indeed across the world at large.

The mammoth fossils, together with those from the Songhuajiang River, are the treasure of the Museum. The museum also has the most intact wolf fossil and the last hyena fossil in China. One in particular of its three permanent exhibitions, The Natural Environment in the Quaternary Period of Northeast China, will take you a fantastic journey where you can learn about the formation of the ancient lakes in the Songhuajiang River Basin through a mechanical sand table, enjoy the colorful lake-bottom world through an artificial tunnel, walk along a restored stratum wall of the Quaternary Period to explore the secrets of the stratum core, and watch animals go from multitudes to extinction. The experience leads you to wonder how to cherish the land underfoot and create a harmonious ecological environment.


Last Updated: Nov 30, 2018

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