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The Military Museum of the Chinese People's Revolution

Address: 9 Fuxing Road, Haidian district, Beijing
Website: (Cn)
Hours: 9:00 -- 17:00 (last ticket: 16:00, no admission after 16:10)
Closed Mondays
General admission: Free (passport required for entry)


Entry The Military Museum of the Chinese People's Revolution was the first comprehensive military museum in China; it opened to the public on Aug 1, 1960. It was one of ten significant buildings in Beijing constructed to celebrate the 10th anniversary of the establishment of the People's Republic of China.

The construction of the museum started in October 1958 and was completed in July 1959. In September 2012, the museum’s buildings were repaired and renovated and the project was finished in July 2017. Covering a total area of over 159,000 square meters, the museum has 43 exhibition halls and areas. Its main building has four floors, with a six-meter diameter emblem of the People's Liberation Army in the ceiling.

The main collections of the Museum include uniforms and badges, war objects, and documents about the military history of China. Permanent exhibitions focus on weaponry, revolutionary wars led by the Chinese Communist Party, China's military civilization throughout history, achievements in building the national defense and national army of the People's Republic of China, and military technology.

To date, there are more than 160,000 pieces and sets of relics in the museum, 1,793 of which are rated first class. Fighter planes, cannons, warships, missiles, firearms, seals, pottery, documents and notes from different ages are on display.

Last Updated: Nov 30, 2018

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