Sanqu Stone Forest

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Sanqu Stone Forest is located in Changshan county, Quzhou, about 10 kilometers from urban area. The 27.58-square-kilometer scenic area boasts unique Karst landform, with stones of bizarre shapes spreading all over the place. It is regarded as a “wonder in south region of the Yangtze River” and the “grand stone forest in East China”.

The stone forest, mainly composed of peak clusters, is a huge ancient reef formed in the late Ordovician ( about 440 million years ago) but still in its infancy. Stone buds and dissolved trenches can be observed in micro-geomorphology views. The 4A-graded attraction is an important area for studying the history of Paleozoic era in South China.


Stepping into the secluded stone forest, one will be amazed by the stunning spectacle of stone mazes, castles and bridges. For hundreds of years, the scenery have inspired a great number of literati, including Yu Qian of Ming Dynasty (1368 - 1644), the author of Ode to Limestone.


Since 2012, Changshan, the county of grapefruits, has invested more than 60 million yuan ($8.94 million) to upgrade the services and infrastructures in the scenic spot. Sanqu Stone Forest Scenic Area has become a boutique tourist area and a popular attraction for sightseeing and adventures.

Address: Songgui village, Changshan county, Quzhou, Zhejiang province
Tel: 0570-5455921; 0570-5110666
Opening hours: 8:30 - 16:30
Ticket price: free
Note: visitors should show their identity cards or passports when entering the scenic area.


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