Root Palace Buddhist Cultural Tourism Zone

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Root Palace Buddhist Cultural Tourism Zone was invested and developed by Quzhou Zuigen Arts and Crafts Co and created by Chinese artists Xu Guqing. Covering an area of 3.03 square kilometers, the zone is the only root theme park in the world and a national 5A scenic area.

The cultural elements in the 5,000 years of Chinese civilization can be found in the root carvings, bonsai, and strange stones, classic gardens and architectures in the tourism zone, offering visitors an opportunity to appreciate the landscape, including Fumen Xiangguang, Yunhu Chanxin, Jiquzhai, Tiangong Museum, Root Carving Buddhist Park, Zuigen (Drunken Root) Pagoda and some other 20 scenic spots.

Other highlights of the tourism zone include the world's largest root statue of Sakyamuni Buddha and a 680-meter--long giant root carving artwork--Arhat Array, which is a great masterpiece of root carving and enables the zone world renowned in the root carving circle.

The zone has well-equipped facilities and offers good services. It is home to Huigenju, a creation base for renowned artists, Zuigen Club for business negotiations, Zuigen Restaurant and specialized market for local agricultural products and tourist arts and crafts.

A super luxury hotel themed root culture--Zuigen Culture and Leisure Resort is under construction.

In addition, the scenic spot is not only the creation base of Chinese poets and folk artists, but also a national demonstration base of cultural industry and a national ecological civilization education base in China.


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