A cute robot monitors power distribution networks

Updated: Nov 16, 2018 Print
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China Southern Power Grid's first inspection robot has started work at the company's branch in South China's Guangdong province. The intelligent robot will be extensively used to inspect power distribution networks which involve a lot of equipment and sprawl across many areas.

The robot has a round body and black eyes. It's so cute that people might be reminded of Baymax in the movie Big Hero 6.

A monitor system at the switching station in Shiqiqu, Zhongshan city, Guangdong province [Photo/]

A cute appearance doesn't mean that it is soft and weak. Instead, the robot has diverse abilities and is a good aide to power distribution.

The robot normally works at rails set on the ceiling of a switching station in Shiqiqu, Zhongshan city. On the rails it's able to move 30 m per minute and stretch its 160-cm neck.

The robot at work in the switching station in Shiqiqu, Zhongshan city, Guangdong province [Photo/]

The robot's head has various sensors which can pick up noises, smell gases, tell the humidity and temperature and see the surrounding environment; they can also monitor all aspects of equipment at any time.

The robot is an answer to a lack of employees when there is an increased amount of equipment needing to be inspected.

Before the switching station had the cute but strong robot, inspecting 20 cabinets took two staffers about half an hour and three to five days were required for partial discharge testing of all cabinets.

The robot may be cute but it also works hard. [Photo/]

Things are easier now that they have the robot. Its arms can receive radio waves and ultrasound, and then record and transmit the signals to finish partial discharge test in just 20 milliseconds, all by itself.

The operations of the robot are tracked by a system of online monitors. Workers on duty can open the system to check on the robot and the switching station.

The robot will be even more extensively used in power distribution in the future.

The robot has round body and black eyes. [Photo/]

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